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Step back (modified version)

Take a step back……

The air is very dignified, so depressed that each other can hardly breathe, but it has been silent all the time. Each Other knows the price of silence. The two people in love will also blurt out to break up because of a word disagreement, however, it is difficult to take the initiative to reveal one’s impulse to the other side due to the so-called dignity. If one loves one another, who can say clearly and who loves one more? Qin Xue knew his boyfriend’s stubbornness. For so many years, he would accept Qin Xue’s criticism only after he made up his words!

Brother, will you still go out for a walk?

I can’t do it today. I can stick to it tomorrow. Isn’t it a practice that keeps ten thousand steps every day? But you stuck me out!

Did you give up easily and let me lose confidence?!

If you ask, I will go!

Brother, if you can’t promise to do such a little thing, besides, we still have so many difficulties in the future, it’s not me who will embarrass you to exercise, because your physical condition is not optimistic, it is good for your health!

OK, I will continue to walk, even when I arrive in the early morning, I will stick to the goal of completing 10,000 steps, but you can’t ask me for an hour!


I ask you to go, you go. But today you have completed at least 5000 steps!

Yeah! This time I try to walk faster!

Brother, your physical condition is too bad, really!

But you have to share music with me, okay?

Brother, Can I speak to you?


As long as you are willing to work hard, I will accompany you. I will accompany my brother with your voice!

How can I not work hard? Thank you, snow!

When speaking with Qin Xue, I remember Qin Xue asked how to thank her today and apologized for his behavior today. After completing the five thousand steps of walking, he immediately distributed seven red envelopes to Qin Xue one after another, perhaps it is to express Qin Xue’s wish for a lifetime!

Not rare!


This kind of gratitude is not sincere!

Snow, feel it, you still have some angry smell!

Brother’s gratitude is not sincere!

Snow, sent to my heart and wanted to say “I love you”, but you don’t accept it now! Coffee picture

If brother can’t figure it out, then I can ask for it?

OK! You put forward new requirements!

If you really have me in your heart, don’t give up easily, but brother’s position is not so important now.


Five thousand steps are missing today!

It should be counted as interest!

Ten thousand steps!


Starting tomorrow, walk 11,000 steps a day, walk enough for ten days!

No more debts from tomorrow! You give me confidence, okay?


Starting tomorrow, I will accompany you

Thank you, snow!

It is really my greatest honor to have you with me in this life!

You’re welcome, you just need to fulfill your promise!


You can’t just talk about it!

Please take out a copy of sincerity!

Starting from tomorrow, we should practice speed.


Brother, what do you think of me? Is it a small fish caught in the big net or the big net!

Really, my heart is trying to abandon all distractions. Except for work and responsibilities, I only pretend to be you in my heart!



Do you still have classes on Saturday? Snow.

Read it together, but it is not true

Yes, I rest on Friday and have classes on Saturday and Sunday.

It is not to answer the question.

Brother Zhang, you used to accompany me

Hard work! Snow coffee picture

In order to repay you, I also hope you are getting better and better.

I will always accompany you in the future!

I have already washed up, brother Zhang, go to wash up


Brush your teeth, wash your face and feet


Give you 20 minutes, is that enough?

Shall I boil water first?

I’ll wait for you


No matter in love or marriage, no matter how old a man is or how many times, just like a child who never grows up, women need to give off the care of an innate mother, to smooth the warmth that men cannot get in real life, and when the sudden rain begins to rest, men will find their men’s indelible sense of mission, so that you can keep out the wind and cold in real life, let you worry about the wind and rain! Qin Xue deeply understood this simplest way of doing things. When the other party insisted on not turning back, he resolved the emotional crisis again and again in his own way of retreat as progress!

Yes! It would be nice if both of them could understand: endure the calm for a while and take a step back from the sea and the sky!

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