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Hong Kong love short story C38 (Sun Enli)

The 24-year-old Deming first saw Xinhui.

She was a very ordinary one.

However, she lowered her head and smiled slightly; She opened him who had never been in love.

She went to work as a volunteer at the Center for the elderly near her on weekends.

His appearance made her strange;

“Passing by and visiting you by the way.”

I bought it on sale, not expensive.”

He didn’t give her a casual gift.

She gradually understood.

Those seemingly ordinary friends “Hello!” There is more than friendship behind the text message.

However: his 24-year-old; Also made 28-year-old, she hesitated in love.

It should not fall into it! He is four years younger! She killed time and started with him.

* * * * * * * *

She and he can have a meal only in fast food restaurants.

Go to movies, concerts, and catch a big sale…..

She wore T-shirts and jeans without even makeup.

When he came to date with another chance; She told Deming frankly:

“My sister wants to get married. Go to work hard.”

He nodded and looked at her luxuriant; Buried the bitter feeling.

She is strange. It is obviously a date with a person who is financially determined and an ideal marriage partner,

Why do you feel on pins and needles.

After the date, you have to meet Deming and have a good meal before you can be relieved.

* * * * * * * *

This day.

He said in her familiar tone, “well told me… I want to get married.

I hope I will try my best to help.”

“Who is Grace?” She was surprised.

“My old friend from middle school.” He will stop at once.

The 24-year-old in front of her grew up in one second.

She smiled strongly: “I wish you success!”

Laugh with him all day without having to talk with his brain; However, this sentence is so difficult to say.

* * * * * * * *

She looked at the clock.

Ten o’clock. Should go home.

She sent him a text message: “Today?”

10:10pm, he watched it.

10:30pm, no reply.

10:40pm. Forget me?” She sent it again.

10:50pm. He watched it. Still no reply.

11:00pm. “Sexy appeal prevails over friendship?” She couldn’t help it.

He only read and did not reply.

Only 10pm to 11pm.

Miss him, afraid of losing his fear; Can’t let her know clearly…..

I thought it was not and impossible to be with him;

Originally, it had already praised the dangerous area and entered the field of love.

She finally lost her temper with him:

“If you don’t reply, we will stop here.”


His reply came. “It’s downstairs.”

She rushed downstairs; She didn’t forget to sweep her blush and lipstick before leaving.

“You date your girlfriend and don’t even reply to the text message.”

She punched her face unpolitely.

He couldn’t help getting the punch with a smile all over his face.

“En En is a good friend of middle school.” He said.

Looking at her turning face, he added, “Gao Guoen! Man!”

She turned around…..

What a love trap that made her look ugly!

Trap Sun Enli. petit story . C38


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