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Hong Kong love short story C26 (Sun Enli)

The opera festival in Verona, Italy every July.

Zhiwei is responsible for the Italian project of the company.

Every year at this time, he takes three days to visit Verona,

I also want to be a fan of this song.

An ancient Roman arena and an open theater.

Zhiwei sat on the stone steps. Cool Breeze Xu Lai.

String music of one hundred people and singing of two hundred people on the stage.

A night shocked by music.

In the clapping,

Zhiwei heard someone behind him say “good” in Chinese in a low voice “.

Zhiwei saw her. Wan Yi.

Short hair. White linen top. Jeans to the ankle.

If you use the evening dress of the ladies with high-priced tickets as the standard,

She is dressed a little casually.

Seeing Zhiwei looking at her, she smiled politely and nodded.

The outdoor restaurant next to the theater, two Spritz cups.

“Every time I am in this theater, I am deeply moved by music.”

He felt that she would understand.

Just now, Nabuco opera, more than 100 people chanted the shock of the theme song,

Still swaying.

“Yes. A word of Italian can also be completely felt.”

She felt the same way.

Two people who do not know each other’s background meet in different places.

Moved by the melting of music, they knew each other without hiding themselves.

There are only three days of meeting by chance.

Transient Without affectation.

Talk about the opera they love and the Italian unconstrained design style……

Walking by the lake at night, some slow beats that are out of touch with the times.

Back to Hong Kong. He summoned up courage to ask her out.

Noon. Inning Valley restaurant, Conrad Hotel, Admiralty.

Her standard central office Glade dress up.

Armani suit, BV briefcase, a touch of makeup on the face.

The polite and decent greetings drove away the past of the two.

The summer romance that fades away.

He no longer had the courage to ask her out.


It was raining heavily when I got off work.

Forget to take Zhiwei with rain gear to hide in the corner of the building to shelter from the rain.

Under the reflection of the glass beside her, her silhouette appeared quietly.

The noise of the surrounding cities is quiet;

Only her faint shadow was left floating on the dark mirror.

She has a little feeling and can see through the world,

Let him see the nature of Vera on that day.

He stood beside her quietly.

See him again. It’s not that she doesn’t feel embarrassed.

However, in this thick night,

It’s too late to take back the undisguised self.

“It is very difficult to believe a person who does not know the past.”

He started without a head or brain.

She understood.

Under the dim light, she lowered her eyes and said that the city people were helpless to protect themselves.

“Let’s start from scratch.

One day I can see you in Italy again.”

She smiled.

She also waited. The day when you can know him without restraint.

Three days Sun Enli. Osamu . petit story . C26


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