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Hong Kong love short story C10 (Sun Enli)

Everyone wondered why this boy made a pair with her who was pointed end Li tooth.

However, Zhizhong and Demei made the head of the primary school Jiji smile

Crazy K books to middle school, even college appointments to do fight back to school

They are all one pair, one pair, two people

Finally: graduated from a first-class honorary University

The other is that fortunately, I can still graduate from the third level. There is no honor.

It’s not the third-level one who cries

Demei burst into tears: “What kind of good job can you find in the future if you graduate with this grade? 」

Today, Demei and his boss attended a reception after work Jackson.

Jackson has become slightly famous in the financial field,

The pursuit of Demei is as positive and exaggerated as his work performance.

Besides the bouquet, even the expensive See’s Candies is also sent in a large box.

The high-profile image of Jackson makes Demei, who already thinks stupid boys are too useless, confused…..

Demei, who has been very tired, holds Bordeaux red wine and strives to greet Jackson and peers.

The mirror next to the lobby reflects her and Jackson

She was surprised

He frowned and talked a lot.

She: Besides the tired smile, there is also the strange look of being careful

Is this yourself? She stayed for a while

Then at this quiet moment, she heard Jackson respond to what she said just now:

“In fact, market analysis in the United States shows that if you don’t pay attention, you will have the same illusion as Demei 」

Maybe the Mirror took her to see her and Jackson from another angle.

While beating gongs and drums to pursue her

Jackson never forget to highlight a better self than Demei every moment

In all the conversations between the two, he showed his opinion better…

His suggestion, as small as choosing a restaurant for lunch, is a better choice…….

High heels tie feet

The gushing of Jackson made her feel noisy; She couldn’t stay any longer.

At the entrance of the home, she heard the voice of her mind talking with her mother.

“Many people say I am stupid; But no matter what I say, Demei will listen attentively… she is so kind to me….」

Demei, standing at the entrance, smiled with the bulging heart in his tired body…..

It turns out that I am really loves this little fool

Yes, just because I really love him, with gifts of love:

Cherish and respect; Don’t even feel that he is listening to his stupid answer

Jackson? He is participating in the debate competition… constantly looking for the next sentence that can play low opponents……

The pace of the two peers will not have a sequence.

The dialogue between lovers will not be a winning or losing debate competition.

Sun Enli. petit story . C10


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