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Hong Kong love short story C16 (Sun Enli)

It is a lucky autumn for Minyi to enter Tamkang University not far from home.

Class? Of course, it is important.

But more importantly, an ideal boyfriend has been locked in freshman year.

I hope that I have a unique eye, and he has a special liking,

Others don’t mess around with red eyes!

Walking back to school with classmate fenlian;

Someone called her loudly in the back.

If there is anyone on this campus who Minyi absolutely doesn’t want to meet,

The neighbor Yang Ming, who shouted at her behind, was definitely ranked first.

From small to big, her parents were so precious to her.

But there is just such a neighbor,

If you have something to do, come and embarrass yourself.

When he got less than 60 points in mathematics and was scolded by his parents, he mischievously sent his 98 points test paper;

Add another sentence: “I didn’t get full marks this time.”

When I was in high school, I followed the boy who was moved far away.

Yang Mingdao unexpectedly shouted at the boy in front:

“Don’t Walk So Fast, the miss behind can’t keep up!”

Anyway, no matter when you meet,

This person can take out the words that cooperate with the scene to make him feel angry.

“Your boyfriend?” Fenlian asked quietly.

Awesome! Fortunately, it is not.”

Yang Mingdao rushed up: “I want to wait for you to attend class together. How do you expect that you have already gone out.”

Then, she was surprised to find; Next to fenlian: pupil dilating,

There is still a strange charming smile on his face…..

Entering the classroom; Fenlian asked quietly:

“Is such a handsome Yang Mingdao really just your pure residence?”

No!” Minyi added: “still a person who often comes to trouble me.”

“Is it?” Fenlian is thoughtful.

“Boys are so careless. For those who have no meaning, they will never put the time……”

A month later.

Minyi saw Yang Mingdao and fenlian who were close to each other and talking and laughing while walking on campus.

She stayed for a while. These two?

I don’t know why a nameless pain suddenly rises in my heart,

Subconsciously her steps brought her away from the intimacy of the two.

Someone ran up behind.

Yang Mingdao stopped her.

He put his hand into the jeans bag and looked at Minyi with a smile.

“Why did you run away when you saw us.”

“Don’t want to disturb you.” The acid in words is splashed;

He smiled. I have loved her for so long. Finally, she also understood.

“Fenlian said it has reminded you; Put on time to embarrass you, satirize you, and quarrel with you,

Maybe it’s your admirer!” Yang Mingdao wiped his nose with laughter.

Minyi had a meal and understood.

“No. She only said that some bad boys would use some bad methods to pursue stupid girls.”

She splashed a smile on her face.

Ah! It’s cold, it’s a good autumn.

Sun Enli. petit story . C16


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