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Hong Kong love short story C41 (Sun Enli)

Jingwen knows Huifen, which is the birthday party of Wei Ran, a high school friend.

Wei Ran. Looking forward to flying all over the world makes people feel at home.

Wei Ran’s girlfriend; Huifen, the designer-just a simple Yamamoto yaosi white shirt and Armani Jeans, has brought out her Qingli.

She sat in a corner with a low profile, a smile and a little lonely.

Jingwen could not help her at first glance.

* * * * * * *

Such an excellent pair, I didn’t expect this step.

Wei Ran’s first girlfriend came back from abroad, and instantly the two were hot.

This day. Wei Ran pulled Jingwen as an early exit in the three-person gathering.

Before leaving. Jingwen looked back again.

For her betrayal, I couldn’t help showing my pity for her.

* * * * * * * *

Huifen asked Jingwen to meet.

Wei Ran… have other girlfriends?” She was surprisingly calm.

“Why do you…” He couldn’t bear to tell the truth.

“Wei ran left early that day, without a word of apology, he only looked at the door and wanted to leave in a hurry.

And you… look at me… makes me understand.”

No matter how calm her appearance is, she can’t hide her hands that keep twisting each other. It shows the rumbling of her heart.

He confessed the truth to her with “silence.

Huifen chooses to exit. Wei Ran was justified and made public with his predecessor.

Jingwen couldn’t bear her being abandoned.

He boldly sent a text message to Huifen to express his long-hidden intention.

Two days later. She replied gently that she was busy with her work recently… stopped him.

* * * * * * * *

Half a year later.

Wei Ran fell out with his predecessor.

“It’s just a meeting of some old friends”. This is Wei Ran dating Huifen again.

Jingwen heartbroken himself is still the third of the three.

* * * * * * * *

Huifen cut her hair short. Still the face that Jingwen fell in love.

Jingwen is hard to hide his heart.

The atmosphere of getting together again is a little stiff.

After a while.

She spoke. Wei Ran: I hope to start dating with Jingwen, OK?” Her low pleading.

Wei Ran froze.

* * * * * * * *

Jingwen left with her.

Why?” Jingwen still did not reply in the accident.

“At that time. I am afraid that you are only sympathetic and sympathetic to me…..

I am even more afraid that I can’t face disappointment and make a decision that will disappoint you in the end.

So I chose to leave. Let time Shen Dian me. Let me understand myself.”

Her courage brought out her sincerity. Moved him.

“Do you mind my past?” She asked in a low voice. Not without struggle.

“I only know your past, so that we can meet.

Give me the opportunity to learn and cherish a person I love.”

He stopped.

Find her hand and express her heart all the time.

She bowed her head. A long-lost Smile opened.

Although life is inevitably rugged.


Fortunately, I have you.

You are late…..

“Three” Sun Enli. petit story . C41

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