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Hong Kong love short story C67 (Sun Enli)

“Did you resign for me before?”

Zhong Xian looked at Xiu Wen, a former subordinate who had left office, which was unbelievable.

He always tried his best to teach her.

She just graduated from college, got confused about everything to build great achievements in the company, and was finally dug up.

“Yes. After waiting for a long time, I hope you understand.”

Xiuwen was not tough at work, and his lowered eyelashes were full of grief.


Zhong Xian was completely unknown, so he had to wait for the answer with a dedicated gaze.

“I have fallen in love with you one month after entering the company.”

Her difficult confession.

His eyes stopped on her face. Deep inside, turn up and roll.

“From small to big, they are all people who follow the situation. However, to get your applause…..”

She paused, looking back at those crazy demands for performance,

The days of sleepless all night, just for him…..

She didn’t know how to get it.

“Just for my applause?”

He was surprised.

“Isn’t it because of the future?”

“I come from a medium family and have always been very muddled. But in the past two years,

I don’t have myself. The focus of the day is just to get your praise…..

I never thought that you would be so important.”

“Then why did you leave?”

“Because you can’t see me… you only see a hard subordinate. You can’t see the whole world… only your melon.”


His eyes on her face gradually turned gentle.

She could hardly continue: “After the corner-digger talked with me, I wish you would say that I would not be willing to leave….

But you just told me to think it over and don’t mind the influence on you and the company.”

* * * * * * * * *

Two years ago.

Recruitment Interview for administrative assistant,

For the first time, Zhong Xian saw Xiuwen who fell at the end of the crowd.

What attracted Zhong Xian was that when other applicants were smiling and trying to sell themselves,

This Xiuwen, who is full of care and leisure.

He is tired of fighting in the workplace all day long. He suddenly yearns for this job and doesn’t care.

Then Zhong Xian hired Xiuwen for reasons he didn’t know.

In the past two years.

For fear that she would suffer a loss if she didn’t care about it, he had always tried his best to support her in the dark.

Then, I finally saw her begin to show herself and highlight herself…..

Finally. I went to another workplace where I couldn’t see again.

Zhong Xian thought for a long time.


It was a little difficult to ask, “Do you see another fool who is planning for you every day and is afraid of you falling down every step?”

She froze.

The orbit turns red in circles.

* * * * * * * *

In the world of love, there is only one person that he/she cares about.

However, with so much self-esteem, I firmly hold my feelings that I dare not cross the border…..

* * * * * * * *

Let too many others;


I have paid so much for each other.

Applause Sun Enli petit story C67

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