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Warm tragedy

People live a lifetime, just as the word “love. But the probability of meeting a spoony girl is less than one in ten thousand. Many girls do not understand infatuation. Looking for a boy is for the boy’s money, as well as the help and protection in life. They use love as external packaging, but the essence is to use it.

But infatuated girls always exist. They are not destined to meet and fall in love with her in this life. Only by continuing their lives can they meet and fall in love with her in a certain life. However, human life is only a few decades short, how can it continue from generation to generation. In fact, there are methods, but the cost is very high: to be a novel writer for a lifetime, to shape a beautiful and touching love world, to fully integrate into this world, and to forget the real world itself, think of yourself as a hero and love the heroine. A hundred years later, the writer has passed away, but his novels have been handed down and made into films. Finally one day, a spoony girl loved the writer’s novel deeply. She also completely integrated into the novel world, thinking of herself as the heroine and loving the hero. In this way, the writer and The Spoony girl fall in love in the virtual world of the novel.

When writers write novels, they know that the heroine is not a virtual character, because there will be real girls to experience the heroine, that is to say, when writers shape the heroine, they will regard her as a real person, then the virtual life of the novel has a certain degree of truth.

In the real world, the writer’s tomb is tomb burying a husband and his wife, with the names of the hero and heroine written on it. The hero’s tomb is the body of the writer, while the heroine’s tomb is empty. The writer has written clearly in the novel: the tomb is left to the Spoony girl who thinks she is the heroine, that is, the real girl who loves the writer in the virtual world for a lifetime. I believe that one day, the empty grave will be put into ashes.

As the saying goes, “Love is beyond everything”, including life and death. People’s body is fragile and short-lived. Fortunately, novels and films are stronger than people’s body and can carry the writer’s emotion. They have been passed on for generations and finally passed on to the Spoony girl’s heart.

The writer’s life is very difficult. In order to have enough time to study novels and write novels, he cannot do a full-time job and can only do part-time jobs, which can save a lot of time, but in this way, the income is very low. Why can’t he earn income from novels? Because the vast majority of people are selfish, novels centered on money, status, honor and enjoyment are popular now, such as the president’s series. Who will read beautiful and infatuated novels. When beautiful and infatuated novels are made into films, the writer may be old and even have no chance to die. Therefore, the risk of taking this road is very high. The success rate is very low, but it is worth going. Even if it fails in the end, it will not regret it.

Only a few people can understand this article, and most people are laughing. The moral scriptures say that “not laughing is not enough to think about Tao”, that is to say, if you practice some great principles, you will be incomprehensible and laughed at by everyone. Most people are selfish, and how can they understand infatuation.

Love originates from attraction, and the girl’s inner beauty (beautiful, infatuated, simple, sincere, gentle and lovely) and outer beauty (beautiful) form attraction together. For Spoony people, this attraction is very strong, strong enough to make people addicted and desperate. In front of the magnet, the iron nail said that it felt strong attraction, but the copper nail would never understand. From the theory of yin and yang, male is Yang, female is Yin, the characteristics of women reflect the negative beauty, the characteristics of men reflect the positive beauty, Yin and Yang attract each other, just like the opposite poles of the magnet will attract each other.

How to write a spoony novel: deeply attracted by her, writing with deep love and affection, every word said and every behavior done reflects her love.

The whitest thing is the easiest to get dirty. Only after being ruined in the absurd real world can we feel how normal the aesthetic and Spoony literary world is, which is the place where a normal person should stay. Beautiful and infatuated people are attracted to that place and forced to that place by the real world. It seems that they are destined to go there.

One’s life is to make fun of it, because all acquisition has to pay a price. The higher the pursuit, the greater the cost. If the price paid is too high, life becomes a tragedy, but there is love in the heart, and this tragedy is warm. A rich man lives a good life, and his life can be called a comedy, but he knows that his wife married him for money, and his friends please him in order to curry favor with him, he didn’t realize the true love and burning love, but it was actually a cold comedy. A talented man stood at the fork of life. One road was a warm tragedy and the other was a cold comedy. He hesitated for a long time at the fork, finally chose the warm tragedy. In front of the shabby street, a spoony girl was waiting for him, while on another bustling street, a material girl and a group of friends who wanted to curry favor with him shouted: “Don’t go.”

Attachment: Characteristics of love

1. Love originates from attraction:

Love comes from attraction. Love falls in love with a person at first sight, but you can’t tell the reason. In fact, you feel attraction in an instant and fall in love with her. Some people also say that love originates from feeling, which is actually attraction.

The girl’s external beauty (beauty, dress) and internal beauty (beauty, deep love, deep affection, gentle and lovely) form attraction. The reason for attraction is more than that, for example: Gene complementation hypothesis (male and female gene complementation, it can produce a better next generation, so people with complementary genes may produce attraction), Shadow personality hypothesis (shadow personality is the boy’s original emotion, but it is suppressed by the living environment, if you meet a girl, her character is exactly the shadow personality of the boy, which may produce attraction) and blend the ideal image hypothesis (in life, you will appreciate many people, subconsciousness combines the facial features of these people into an ideal image. If you meet a girl, she looks like this ideal image, which may produce attraction).

2. A beautiful and passionate girl is worth loving:

If you fall in love with an ugly and selfish girl who does not understand deep love and affection, your efforts in this life will be in vain.

3. Personal emotion and love:

Before some people meet love (childhood), they love themselves, mainly forming personal feelings through personal enjoyment. After encountering love, the personal emotion system formed by loving oneself collapsed, mainly forming emotion through love life. Being obsessed with a person and feeling that you have lost yourself is actually that love replaces personal feelings and focuses on love life instead of personal enjoyment. Selfish people love themselves and cannot feel the feeling of loving others deeply.

4. Deep love and affection:

Her mind is full of her. Every word she says and every move she makes reflects her deep love.

5. Dedication, care, and protection:

Even if the husband suffers and suffers, he should let his wife and children live a decent and happy life.

Caring for and guarding loved ones, if the wife and children suffer, they will suffer more.

6. Attachment and Treasure:

A person’s life is short, and the time he can spend with his loved one is shorter. If he loves a person deeply, he will spend all the time outside his work with her as much as possible. Cherish every minute with her and feel that every minute is precious.

In the yard, the old men played chess together, while the old ladies basked in the sun in another place. The time spent with these old wives was not much, but they still had to separate. There is also an old couple in the yard. They always walk together holding hands and never separate.

7. New things enhance emotions:

Love will gradually kill in a repetitive and boring life, while in love novels, there are always new things that nourish and stimulate emotions. Even if it is an unfortunate thing, it is difficult to see the true feelings, helping and guarding in trouble can also enhance emotion. When writing love novels, the author should constantly give new things to the male and female protagonists. Only when there is something to do can there be emotion to write, and so is life.

After Love for a long time, the emotion weakened, just recall the feeling and past when the emotion was strongest.

8. Love is eternal:

Love a girl deeply, even if she has a boyfriend, there is still the possibility of breaking up. Even if you get married without breaking up, there is still the possibility of divorce. Even if there is no divorce in her whole life, her husband may die first, and then there is still a chance to fall in love in his later years. Even if there is no chance in her whole life, she can be buried beside her grave after death. If she cannot be together, she will be together even if she dies.

9. Love without material basis:

People often say that love needs material basis (economic conditions). If the girl you love has a serious illness that requires lifelong treatment, the boy’s money will only be enough for them to drink porridge, after eating vegetable soup, there is basically no material basis, and I will still love it. When some boys die, girls will be martyred. Girls are willing to follow even if they die. Even if boys become beggars, girls will never leave. It can be seen that real love does not need material basis. If there is no money to survive, even if we leave this world together, we will not abandon each other.

10. See the true feelings in times of trouble, and see the hearts of people for a long time:

What a person is like in his daily life cannot be seen. Some people will show their true colors in special things. A rich boy, in order to test his girlfriend’s sincerity, lied that his company went bankrupt and owed a large sum of debts. The girl asked to break up soon after hearing this. An ordinary boy, in order to test his girlfriend’s sincerity, found a rich friend and asked him to pretend to pursue that girl. His girlfriend soon changed his mind.

As the saying goes, “the road knows the horsepower, and the people see the heart for a long time”, how deep is love, time can test everything. How much love is there? After several years of marriage, we will know whether we can still keep the deep love and affection when we were pursuing, want to be together without being separated, and tolerate the shortcomings of falling in love with her.

11. Lucky:

The greatest luck in life is not money, but knowing beauty and infatuation and falling in love with beautiful and infatuated girls.

Although some people are rich, their wives are ugly and selfish women, and they marry rich people for money.

12. True love of dummies and love from the next world:

True love of dummies: some beautiful and Spoony people, who fail to meet beautiful and Spoony girls in the real world, create beautiful and Spoony girls in the world of literature, selflessly fully integrated into the literary world and fully invested in emotion to feel her “reality”. Although people are fake, love is true. There are many people in the world who are under the banner of love. The essence is the mutually beneficial relationship of “men are women’s appearance and women are men’s wealth”, which is not as good as the “true love of dummies” in the novel “.

Love through the world: lovers do not necessarily meet in this life. I wrote novels alone all my life, thinking of myself as the leading actor and loving the virtual heroine. The author passed away, but his works continued to spread. A girl liked his works and thought of herself as the heroine. In the novel world, she fell in love with the hero (the incarnation of the author), the girl sighed with emotion, “I am not born, I am born, the king is dead. Become a storyteller, day and day and grand.”

13. Girl’s psychology:

(1) male is Yang, female is Yin: Yin and Yang give birth to all things, positive things generally tend to give and show, so men actively pursue women and dedicate to women. Since ancient times, “outside the male Lord, inside the female Lord” is also the embodiment of the relationship between yin and yang. Nowadays, men and women are equal to each other, supporting families together, and women become cheerful. Some women should be like men in the workplace. Even so, women still rely on men and need men’s help and protection.

(2) the girl carefully dressed herself (external beauty) and showed virtuous and lovely (internal beauty) to attract boys and gain their appreciation, favor, care and care.

(3) girls need a sense of security and face. Girls depend on men very much and hope men can give her a sense of security. Girls are insecure and absolutely can’t stand it. For example, a beautiful girl, who has no money, can’t stand it when she goes to the street wearing a broken and dirty clothes. Girls looking for a boy with a sense of security, it depends on the boy’s health and strong, income and housing, emotional specificity, bad temper. Even if you find a rich man, you still feel insecure because you are not single-minded. Girls need face very much. For example, when the girl fell down and was covered with mud, she felt very ashamed when walking on the street, but the boy didn’t feel so strong. It was normal to be covered with mud after playing football. Another example: girls make mistakes and are scolded in public. They feel that their face and dignity are hurt, but boys don’t think so. Naughty and rebellious boys are often scolded.

(4) girls are cautious and conservative, that is, they are afraid of saying wrong words or doing wrong things, which damages their sense of security and face. Girls like to deal with problems in a euphemistic way, or find men to help deal with problems, instead of solving problems by force alone like boys. Sometimes girls are not as straightforward as boys. After the conflict, the girl ignored the boy on the surface and waited for the boy’s apology in her heart.

(5) Love is related to one’s life, so girls will not accept boys easily, because on the one hand, girls need time to observe what the boy is like; On the other hand, accept a boy, if you want to love exclusively, there will be no chance to choose other boys, that is, to worry about missing better opportunities in the future. But very good boys, girls should accept it quickly, so as not to be taken away by other girls. Some girls change their faces after getting married: On the one hand, some girls pretend to be cute in front of the boys in order to get them, while the relationship will stabilize after getting married, and there is no need to continue pretending to be cute. But if the husband is excellent, the wife will continue to pretend to be cute, lest the husband be dissatisfied with his wife and have an affair. On the other hand, marriage is no longer romantic, but a real family survival problem.

(6) girls should control boys to maintain the safety and stability of love and family. On the one hand, the wife is worried that her husband may fall in love with other girls outside, especially after his wife gets old. On the other hand, the wife is worried that the husband will do something harmful to the wife and the family, and should educate the husband.

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