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Hong Kong love short story C35 (Sun Enli)

Milan, Italy.

Yilian has a day off after interviewing Fashion Festival.

When the Chinese buffet near the railway station was chewed:

She saw the beautiful and shining man sitting beside her at the fashion show.

He laughed at her eating state.


She rushed to the next scenic spot-Milan Central railway station Stazione Centrale.

There are marble railway stations everywhere, with arch ceilings and walls full of sculptures.

Every time I catch a car, I sigh and have no time to appreciate it.

Her sight fell from smallpox, but she stopped on his face again.

He was also a little surprised that someone was just like him; Instead of hanging around in the famous painting “The Last Supper”, he chose here.

Everyone smiled relatively, so many coincidences; It was a bit unnatural not to start to know each other.

“Are you engaged in fashion industry?” He asked her, speaking English.

“Which Chinese are you?” She couldn’t help asking him.

“Koreans who grew up in the United States.” That American English actually made him show the bottom.


Casually go together.

Talking about movies and music, it’s hard to be happy in life, forced to please other people’s helplessness, and the dialogue in the heart.

He was handsome beside her. Constantly attract passers-by’s eyes.

After dinner, he took her to a Bvlgari hotel which looked like an ancient courtyard.

He/she will leave tomorrow.

He stayed beside her and felt at ease as a stranger.

Peeping at her again and again.

The care of keeping her shadow in the eyes was also beyond his imagination.

After several times of hesitation.

Coffee?” He invited.

They are adults, and they will not understand the next step of drinking coffee in his room.

She looked up.

His light brown eyes are matched with healthy skin color, giving off irresistible charm.

She thought for a long time. Next time.”

The two worlds that should not meet, under the permission of fate, only warm each other in a cool autumn day.

His eyes turned red.

Thought for a while.

He boldly pulled her closer. Use the body temperature of the hug to tell the heart that you don’t understand.

Should not meet.

There will be no luck…….

* * * * * *

Meet her boyfriend Zhiming at the airport.

“Do you miss me!” He patted her hard on the shoulder. My girlfriend is so beautiful …. is there an Italian!”

“No.” She told the truth… he is Korean.

Sitting on his seven-seat holiday-spending car, her familiar sense of security rose leisurely.

Milan. His shadow was transferred to the bottom of his heart.

She is a magazine editor.

When I first saw him at the fashion show, I already knew this new star who was emerging in South Korea-

Jin Haozhi, who was invited by the designer to sit in the eye-catching position.


She lowered her head and pulled up her boyfriend’s hand.

She has been immersed in plain love,

I really can’t afford to play such a game…….

Meet Sun Enli. petit story . C35


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