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Hong Kong love short story C71 (Sun Enli)

The relationship between Zhenyu and Meijun started with a low profile when they were in college in England.

Nearly unreasonable calm, let Meijun always ask, “Is it not enough to love?”

Zhenyu patted his girlfriend’s head with love and pity: “I have a single-minded boyfriend like me,

Only then can you be lucky to ask such stupid questions.”

Things are fickle.

Zhenyu, who worked in the Commercial Crime Bureau of the police force, immediately sweated when receiving the task sent by the superior.

Mijun’s father Li Chongxian, a celebrity in the financial field, was actually the main brain behind the huge fraud case.

It turned out that he was followed up by the police for a long time, and now the evidence is conclusive.

Zhenyu walked into the bathroom and face shooting with cold water, forcing himself to calm down.

But it still couldn’t stop meijun’s sad face from rising again and again.

From small to large, Mijun, who grew up with his parents in his hand,

How can I bear the blow of my father’s imprisonment and the loss of wealth and wealth overnight!

After careful consideration, he told his boss about his lover status with Meijun.

The boss was stunned.

Why does his subordinate have such a rich girlfriend? As a boss, he has no idea.

During the investigation, no trace will be missed;

Today, he sent Zhenyu to investigate his future father-in-law.

Fortunately, Zhenyu himself wanted to withdraw from this case.

“Be careful: don’t leak any news, or you will be in jail first.”

The boss is very earnest.

After work, Meijun had a happy dinner with Zhenyu as usual.

“You know I wanted to be a policeman since I was young. Finally, I entered the police force, and I am would not give up anyway.”

He started this sentence with difficulty.

Mei Jun didn’t understand what her boyfriend was talking about.

“Now there is a conflict with me in my work… even if this person is so important to I am……

I am also reluctant to give up the job of police, so I have to give up this person…..”

Years of time with Mijun passed through my mind.

You grow up quickly… take good care of yourself for me.”

He turned away hard.

The next day, Zhenyu resigned.

If you should not speak, you have also done it illegally.

The original meaning of Enyi cannot be both.

He used to work so hard in the future, it should be an unacceptable balance.

* * * * * * * *

Zhenyu, who worked in a medium-sized security company, saw the news that meijun’s father was in prison in the newspaper.

He lowered his head and felt sorry for Mei Jun.

How is she? Do you have a good meal and take care of yourself?

Tired from work… monotonous footsteps…..

Join her steps next to her.

“Without you, I don’t know how to grow up and take care of myself.”

It’s a long-lost beauty.

He bit his lip and finally fell such a wronged eye.

“Two complete” Sun Enli. Osamu . petit story C71

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