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If it weren’t for the weekend, maybe I wouldn’t indulge myself so much!

However, after all, it is impossible for a person to do whatever he wants, because he must pay the price for indulging himself!

I don’t know myself, even how to indulge myself, what will I do? What can I do?

You must drink when playing songs on weekdays, but do you really have the courage to indulge yourself?

Without being encouraged by others, I will be scared and treading on thin ice even if I have the opportunity to indulge myself!

Because of safety, because it is impossible for me not to consider my own safety, especially my current identity. Even if I can, I dare not!

But today’s me-drunk, really drunk, right now!

I often ask myself: what kind of person should I find?

Finally, after being drunk, I finally have a clear answer-I want to find a man who is good and can talk well with me; He can chat with me at any time, and I will never bother the kind of chattering!

I remember you said to me, “in the Internet age and the Internet world, it is not difficult to find someone who can talk to you well. He can chat with you anytime and anywhere, not only will he not feel upset, even each other has a feeling of meeting each other late, maybe this is the so-called love for a long time! With the passage of time, maybe each other will have the dream of entering the marriage hall!”

I remember a popular line on the internet-falling in love without the purpose of getting married is a hooligan!

I have that mood, but I don’t know if you have it?

I am always uneasy, I am always hesitating, and even I really want to ask, what kind of thoughts do you think! Clearly know that I love you, love you do not know so, but do you really love me! But I didn’t ask, nor did I ask, because women are reserved!

Because I know that although there is a psychology of talking about marriage on the Internet and each other, there is nothing wrong with it.

But from love to marriage, if each other cannot meet the marriage conditions of the other party, the final result cannot escape the bad luck of parting!

Do you still remember? I clearly remember that you asked me, “is it?”

You sighed and said to me, “it’s too easy to talk well for a while, but the hard thing is that you always talk well. I think such a person is not easy to find. It is already very luxurious to meet one!”

I don’t know if people live for a long time: I will want to talk with you well for a while, which is called accidental consecration; I have been and even spent my whole life talking with you well, that is to love a person, who has already been in the bone marrow, no matter who dreams most, and truly is the miracle of love!

You won’t forget it, will you? But I won’t forget!

I remember you said to me, “I think love is a very sacred and beautiful thing. If you don’t know each other very well, if you really want to marry each other, there is no need to fall in love.”

In fact, I’m not stupid, I won’t be confused: I don’t even know what conditions I need to enter marriage! You may not be able to reach what I need!

You won’t forget it! You gently said to me, “Your words are too profound, I don’t quite understand what you mean! Is it economic or age? I feel-if two people have feelings, how good is it to face any problem together?”


We don’t know-there are countless conditions for marriage. Different people have their own conditions for marriage that they want, but because of a love that you can’t tell clearly and don’t understand clearly, the unknown degree of love can also determine the choice of love conditions!

I can not consider his economic situation, what I want is-as long as he does not lower my current living standard. Because I do not lack the basic conditions of life, the most direct statement, I will not end up to the embarrassment of needing him to support. What I want most is: the perseverance and unpredictable rain and rain of a good man.

I remember that you said frankly: “character is the bottom line of marriage that everyone requires, but if there is no marriage backed by economy, there is a taste of discussion on paper.”

I just want to say: no matter who it is, although you can say nothing when you are in love-I will raise you in the future, but it is only in love, giving the other party YILI reassurance of love. But we are already very rational. If two people really want to enter the marriage: if a woman doesn’t regard herself as a flower hiding under a big tree to enjoy the cool, how is it possible to be a man, having lost the responsibility that men should have, are you willing to be a woman’s physical and mental ornament? In the so-called marriage, I will act as an indispensable decoration in the eyes of a woman!

In my concept: no matter men or women, the constant self-improvement in personality and economic independence are the chips that balance each other on the rocker of marriage! Otherwise, you hold high toward the other side, and you are in the other side’s heart, it will become the other side’s accessory!

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