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Hong Kong love short story C25 (Sun Enli)

Yi Wen looked at her boyfriend Wei Ming’s gloomy face;

I didn’t know which colleague to quarrel with today.

She couldn’t describe her sadness.

She retreated to a corner quietly.

Not because of the discord between Wei Ming and his colleagues;

But: he was born in a poor family,

With this character that is difficult to compromise and angry;

Destined to have a more bumpy life.

She loves him.

Humble hope for his happiness.

He is not the one who counts the other.

In the past; She always pressed herself hard to listen.

Comfort him and amuse him.


The grievance accumulated in this relationship,

Like going to boiling point……

She swallowed her eyes and opened the door to leave.

It turns out that even if I love him again,

There will also be a day when he cannot bear his pain.

* * * * * * * * *

Two years later.

At a business party,

Yi Wen saw Wei Ming who was almost unknown.

Maybe he is used to seeing him complaining constantly,

The person who smiled in silence in front of him was so strange.

She approached involuntarily.

Seeing her, Wei Ming was obviously shocked.

He lowered his head and took a sip of wine in his hand, gathering courage,

See clearly the long-lost her in front of her.

The unworthy fog rose to his eyes…….

* * * * * * * * *

Her departure.

Let him experience no one accept his loneliness and hesitation.

She took away a pair of listening ears;

Let him understand the happiness that could have been unreserved to her.

There was no longer her colleague, he only had compromise and silence.

She headed forward, waiting for him to be like the past,

The moment I saw her, I kept talking.

He kept silent.

“Why don’t you talk.” She asked.

He smiled.

“How is work?”

Not bad.”

Is it OK for colleagues to get along with each other?”

**Will try to accommodate……”

He can no longer open himself to her.

He replaced him with silence and smile, which she could accept;

However, this improved him, for her,

It was so strange.


His piles of bitter water,

Like a weight lying on her back that she couldn’t bear;

However, to this day, she suddenly understood.

He once confessed to her without reservation……

When she fell on her body,

The warmth outside the bitter weight depends on each other.

* * * * * * * * * *

People are always full of contradictions…..

* * * * * * * * * *

“I am miserable today…..”

She imitated his usual opening remarks that day.

He understood.

He knew the pain of losing her listening.

He loves her.

Not willing to let her experience the emptiness and loss he once had.

He told her with his focused eyes:

I am listening.

Maybe I don’t understand…..

Maybe I will be impatient…..


I love you. Please let me go with you.

Pain and joy.

Sun Enli. petit story . C25


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