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Lovesickness in the cloud

On ageless, gentle as spring, the yearning of the soft fiber falling rain faded away a little bit. In the fragrance of flowers floating in the potential, the years ran over, and the lovesickness started again behind fallen flowers, the wind that was not familiar with human feelings rolled up the tired curtain in front of the window. When I raised my eyes, it seemed that if I looked back in the previous life, my mood would be difficult to calm down. The appearance of Jun Yan was my thoughts flying to the clouds.

A sigh seems to come from outside the Sky: in the cloud, Lovesickness in the cloud reads.

Time is in a hurry, and there are thousands of amorous feelings of red dust. They are scattered in the sea, and scattered in the dust. I also want to spend my whole life with the green lights, sitting in the Bodhi, just loving heart, potential clouds, no matter how thick the Buddhist incense is, it will not break up the cloud of missing weaving.

Looking up at the sky, when the flower and Moon was quiet, the poetic tip of the small bridge was full of fresh fragrance, the breeze was full of breeze, and the Mandarin Duck embroidered handkerchief, which came from nowhere, fell on the south wall, scattered with fragrance. Maybe it is fate to lean over and pick up, and think about what kind of beauty should have such a spiritual ornament? Looking around in a panic, the peach blossoms were covered with shame under the tree. A touch of dark fragrance Yingman the world. In an instant, people were crazy, the flowers were lost, and the breeze was blowing, after all, a fallen petals lie in profusion seat still blurred his sight. The embroidered handkerchief held tightly in his hands flew into the clouds, turning into thoughts all over the sky inadvertently.

Once I met you, I hurried away. Meeting by chance could not stop the seeds of missing from being buried deep in my heart. When the spring breeze blows, my thoughts become a sea, and ripples appear and open in circles. Even if the years are gentle, I can’t stop the endless yearning coming.

Lovesickness becomes ill. I want to use crayon to outline the beautiful shadow with peach blossom floating away, but I don’t know how to write, wandering in front of the window, and taking away my sigh with The Swallows of returning to the nest with mud under the eaves, leave your thoughts and float into the cloud.

Smelling the fragrance of flowers, I went back to the tree where I met by chance. I only expected to meet again unexpectedly. Finally, the time was wasted and I was hurt by ruthlessness. A rain of flowers made my mind messy. Looking up, it is still the cloud, with missing, looking for your trace for me.

Blossom in the field returned slowly, but it was not you who came back, only the familiar cloud, but sighed helplessly into a lovesickness rain and scattered into dust. In the next life, I will make a cloud, float to the bank of three-Life Stone, engrave my thoughts into your appearance, and never forget the three generations.

The rainy night was cold, and the lonely wind beat against the lonely window. The opening and closing shocked my dream, but it was difficult to fall asleep again. He got up and walked to the window. There was only a lonely figure under the swaying candlelight. However, in the dreams of countless times, he talked and laughed between the moon and the moon. Under the Western Window of the candle, he was relatively speechless and his pulse was also sentimental. Suddenly, the wind and rain were blowing on the face, and all kinds of memories turned into bitter cold, leaving only deep thoughts that had not dispersed for a long time.

Unconsciously, the night is bright and the wind and rain have gone. A wisp of fragrance mixed with a hint of deja vu came and got up to find it. It was still under that tree, with peach blossoms falling all over the ground. However, it was too late to grieve the mess everywhere after the rainy night. What flashed in my eyes was the figure wandering in my dream countless times, picking up lasting aroma unscattered petals, one after another. At that moment, I forgot everything. I was full of thoughts and turned into glittering tears. It slowly dripped down my cheeks, drop by drop.

After meeting again peach tree, I don’t know whether it is the beauty of heaven or fate. After all, the world of mortals and customs can’t drown the deep thoughts day after day. Look up, isn’t it the cloud full of thoughts floating in the sky? Crossing the White Mountains and Rivers, the moment of reunion, it returned with my thoughts and told you my thoughts. The passionate spring breeze is full of red with warm hugs, and its eyes are full of spoiled. I don’t know when the embroidered handkerchief in my arms performed the past of that year, but the person who picked it up was no longer the handsome boy of that year.

The fragrant embroidered handkerchief lay quietly on those xianxiansushou, and the flashing eyes did not know whether it was the joy of picking up the old things or the surprise caused by fate. They looked up, and the four eyes were opposite, and the time also slowed down with interest, finally, thousands of words gathered into a hug and hugged each other tightly. Thousands of thoughts turned into feelings and flowed into the heart. Suddenly the spring breeze rose again, and the falling flowers and rain all over the sky blurred the time. The place where the fragrance of flowers was the strongest, I vaguely saw two figures nestled together to enjoy the full scenery, counting for several years, which surprised all the years.

In the clouds, when you think about it in the clouds, all the discards in the world will have a happy ending in a corner of the gentle years. The clouds of missing will fall on the bank of three-Life Stone, and the oath of No Regrets will be engraved. Even if the sea is in full swing, you and I will still meet again in the warm years filled with flowers, three generations will never be separated.

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