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Hong Kong love short story C103 (Sun Enli)

Celebrating 29th birthday in a nightclub is the arrangement of Huiyi’s friends.

Why do you work in this store?”

Huiyi’s strong look in front of him is not as ordinary as Niu Lang.

“Every family has a hard-to-read Sutra.”

It seems that Zhong Ming is not going to say it.

The two met with money bought from the store and met outside the store.

“You have beautiful eyes.”

Hui Yi looked into his big and clear eyes.

He couldn’t help himself…..

She took the sincerity that the guests should not have;

Step by step, he walked into the forbidden area in his heart outside the money transaction.

* * * * *

You… the first time.”

Zhongming in Huiyi’s bed is unbelievable.

Aren’t those banknotes put on the table by Huiyi used by experienced veterans to buy another pleasure?

Why is she…..

She pretended to get out of bed as if nothing had happened.

In front of the bathroom mirror,

Hui Yi said something that would not speak to him.

“I love you… although I laugh at myself again and again.”

* * * * *

At the airport.


Huiyi, who was ready to return to Canada; Barely kept his smile and said goodbye to him.

He was too sad to answer.

The two understood.

Is no longer separated.

She hesitated for a moment and finally held him tightly.

She took his temperature and turned away.

* * * * * * * *

The scene a week ago; It reappeared at this moment.

In a corner of a mall.

She had seen him far away, and there was another one beside her who was fat in middle age.

The two were close, talking and laughing.

She bowed her head and smiled bitterly.

It’s his other customer!

She used reason to force herself to believe:

She and He are just romantic relationships with money… his hand-in-hand and hug are just alternative emotional promotions.

* * * * * * * *

Zhong Ming watched her leave.

The back of her entering the customs was so thin.

He has never taken off the bracelet she gave him.

He turned the bracelet; Remembered that day…..

He, who was shopping with his mother, had seen Huiyi far away.

Then she turned and left silently and hurriedly.

Zhong Ming wanted to explain this misunderstanding before he left.


She left quickly and decisively, fully expressed:

She understood.

He is making another emotional transaction.

Zhongming was dim.

She couldn’t believe; His true meaning to her.

Her back has disappeared.

He bowed his head.

Use your hands to cut your lips.

Will her lips be gentle once, deep in the bottom of my heart.

* * * * * * * *

The plane slowly lifted off.

A month ago.

If you go to Niulang store for the first time, you will be your friend.

Don’t worry. Your breast cancer is only early stage. Before you return to Canada for treatment; If you want to do anything, I will accompany you.”

“You can’t accompany. I just want sincere love once.”

Hui Yi remembered his answer.

The plane has crossed the clouds.

Tianyuan is so blue.

She is also…..

Sincere love once.

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