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Hong Kong love short story C22 (Sun Enli)

His nickname in college is “Doraemon.

Beyond the nickname of his round head enlightenment;

Be responsive,

It is also the same as Jingdang opening the treasure bag to help Daxiong,

It won the favor of all the students who did not work well.

Tian Li went to work in the new company and unexpectedly saw Jingdang,

What a surprise!

Two months later.

When she went to work on Monday, Tian Li was jingled.

Wearing him is extremely old-fashioned,

Suddenly I cut a super trendy hairstyle with high cut on both sides.

Ralph Lauren T-shirt below is Tian Li’s favorite brand-

American Eagle jeans.

In the evening, Tian Li saw this sentence on the Internet by little Detective love.

Special tips:

“…. At the beginning, I like a person, and there is always a feeling of gain and loss……

The corresponding action is to try to bury the inner affection,

Or even deliberately show no concern…..

But there will be one of the most obvious signs… his/her dress

It will be different from usual…..”

Tian Li’s mind. Jingdang suddenly took his seat.

It turns out that he has a sweetheart!

Is it Jennifer? The No. 1 beauty of the company.

This day.

Tian Li saw Jingdang and Jennifer talking in a low voice in the tea room.

She felt naughty for a while and walked over quietly and stretched her ears.

“Tian Li seems to have nothing to say?” It is a question mark of Jennifer.

“Yes. No response at all.” Jingle with a decadent voice.

“But I clearly feel that she likes me!”

Tian Li jumped up.

What kind of nerve does Jingdang have? When did I have a good impression on him?!

She rushed into the bathroom and tried to calm herself first;

Then, turn around.

She saw a strange herself clearly in the bathroom mirror.

The face under the newly dyed brown hair,

It is Dior Foundation bought after learning makeup for the first time,

NARS rouge, Chanel lipstick.

The body is a new Laura Ashley floral skirt…..

Love detective said: she/he will be different from usual……

* * * * *

Qiu Bitt, the little love god on duty in the sky, was scolded by the team leader.

“Now the population is declining, the boss wants us to work hard and get immediate results,

Increase the population; What arrows do you send randomly, even if you fall in love with each other!”

“Yes. I don’t understand either… “Qiu Bitt bowed his head and reflected.

“You send another arrow; This time Tian Li will clearly understand that he is in love with each other!”

* * * * *

Two months later.

Qiu Peter was even more depressed.

“After sending the arrow, the situation is worse! Tian Liming knew that he fell in love with each other…..”

Qiu Peter scratched his head: “But when he saw him, he turned to open,

I only dare to stay away and secretly look at him……”

The team leader sighed.

“No wonder the population is declining. Human beings will go back to their hearts and legs….”

Yes. How miserable!

After falling in love with a person, even the heart and legs can’t be controlled.

Sun Enli. petit story . C22


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