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Hong Kong love short story C97 (Sun Enli)

Sixian, who went to Baodao to study, was a little surprised by the unique welcome method of senior Dehui.

First, take this overseas Chinese group to have a spicy hot pot outside the sky.

Next down is to go to the All-Union welfare center to supplement daily necessities.

I hope that on the occasion of the university’s welcome, Si Xian, who began to have romantic ambiguity with boys,

Being welcomed by this aunt, I was very happy.

Who knows: things are unpredictable.

Three months later. Sixian and Dehui became a pair.

* * * * * * * *

Unfortunately: this is not the love that Sixian imagined.

Dehui has a class of Playmates who have played ball since middle school;

Every week he never gives up the beer happy time after playing.

The ranking of this team is definitely above Sixian.

Does Dehui ignore Sixian? This is definitely not.

He often takes time to quarrel with her and make a cold war.

And he is a hundred battles!

Because she can’t bear loneliness and soft heart… find a reason to surrender and step down.

Text messages?

No matter how sweet and lingering Si Xian is.

His replies are all selected answers: understand, yes, agree.


On this day, Sixian saw that the next room in the dormitory received a mobile phone case from her boyfriend and a sweet text message…..

She asked herself, “Am I really in love? Or because of the longing for love, he casually pulled an opponent to make a guest show.”

She thought bitterly and decided to shelve the quarrel, Cold War and old-married love first.

While you still have a bit of beauty, let’s have one or two pieces of Unforgettable…..

After frankly telling your mind by text message;

Dehui rarely responded immediately and asked Sixian to meet.

* * * * * * * *

“You suggested breaking up with me because I am not romantic, don’t pay attention to you, don’t care about you…..”

He actually remembered all the text messages.

“Yes. You are taking love casually.”

He thought for a long time and felt that there were many crises,

We can’t stop confessing.

“I think we have a future, so I want to talk about a down-to-earth love…..

I have ever seen a classmate who twisted himself to please his girlfriend and made him fall in love with a virtual character.”

He went on.

“I try my best to maintain a true self and have no hypocritical relationship with you at first.”

A good engineering student can make love so realistic.

She began to bargain:

Can’t you add some romance, sweet words, and spare some time to accompany me?”

“You can do it against your will until you marry me.”

He wiped his nose and laughed.

Wow! No more romantic proposal.

She challenged the cowhide lantern.

“Do you want to continue quarrelling and Cold War?”

“The standard action of lovers who can’t help!”

He confessed again.

She smiled with tears.

Add another sentence: “You are so old-fashioned!”


It has a long history.

It is always inevitable to be old-fashioned.

Love Sun Enli. petit story C97

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