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Suddenly Looking back, whether the love is still the same!

The wine is filled with flowers, and the Butterfly wants to find the red. The River enjoys the Xi Xi, and the Cang Flute always rises at night! The sunset is lonely, the moon cage white yarn is like snow, the green blue window, the warbler plays Lotus skirt, the water is like smoke. Pine needle hold the rain silk high, the passing water is full of sorrow, the dusk Xiao’s voice is frightened by the snow, and the fresh wind and ancient strings invite the bright moon. A wisp of breeze, a window of dust, drunk to wake up the rest of the dream, I don’t know how many moths to flame the silhouette candle, how many sweet dreams incense warm the deep tent soft bed.

Pen Runmei inkstone, sentence Xiangying case drunk spring light, singing in Shuixie, fish opera Yang treats beauty. Full of lovesickness, it is difficult to continue with broken intestines, and there is no language to choke. Only the candle tears are scattered and white. This thought, no more words, wait until the wind and frost are full of placket, dance yellow leaves to the old temples, and the Cold Moon is full of tide. Mo Xiaoxiao Yan character is simple, see how many crescent moon people in the cold Star Pavilion are crazy, Mo Daoqing Xiao is lonely, and how many clouds are blowing and dreams are lost.

Cut the moon three feet dance long white silk sleeves, cultivate clouds one mu as Hanada. I want to go back to the romance of the three-point smoky rain and a few strange times with you. At that time, you and I were very simple. You were willing to accompany me to see the tide rising and falling, the flowers blooming and falling, and those world affairs always wanted to share with you. I still remember that bamboo path gently sings and Jingyue thoughts, orchestrates slowly and knows the meaning of Nong Yi, shows the fragrance of Lotus Rui into the painting, and makes a poem through the clear water. The bun is scattered, the smoke and rain are collected, the Brocade curtain is rolled, the Warblers are put in, the water is shining, and the spring is divided into the horizontal color. There is a dream railing, and the dream brings a half moon string. The Wild Goose in Yunjian wrote my lovesickness, and the Oriole shuttle in Liu Si sang my heart and loved Nong, only to die! If you really love your pen and ink, you can think calmly. How can you understand the love words when you are proud? There is no reason for lovesickness to know that the flute of separation and sorrow is lonely!

The front door flies snow, I sweep the snow with you tea-making, the back court drops flowers, I hoe the flowers with you. Han Tang danyue, I talk Zen with you Mu He, Xiaofeng and Rising Sun, I sit with you in the morning glow. The rain is wet and tears are splashed red peach blossom, and the sleeves are full of yellow chrysanthemum fragrance when drunk. Only with you can I appreciate the charm of Qinhuai wind and moon, and with you can I indulge in the charm of Tang poems/song phrases.

Green silk flowers, Yan Le Ying is full of love, white hair is full of comb, and you can see each other and know each other! Fly Frost and ink, melt the memory of the passing water, and dye the candle to illuminate the fleeting fragrance. The sky is long sad, the sky is full of sorrow, the sky is full of sorrow, the clouds are empty, the sadness is hard to hide, the Third World is yellow, and the sigh of the Spring Dream is easy to break! It’s a cool rain and a cool breeze. Even if you close the door and window of your heart tightly, the bleak polyester stain will make your heart cold and sad. With a cup of chilled sake, I can’t hide the melancholy and loneliness that I remember in the lonely book of my mind, and half of it, I can’t sing all the lingering and lingering characters copied in the temporary post of the passing year. Is it the most poignant line of poetry only after quenching blood! Endless autumn night, railing, the residual Willow Shadow messed up the cold pond, staring, the wild bee did not fall in love with flower yellow!

On unstrained liquor, one piece of preserved Spring Travel, one piece of bitter tea welcome autumn. Apricot flowers spring rain, always flowers to relieve rain, cold moon and fog, always know fog and sorrow. Flowers, grass, trees and trees in the world, sorrow, hate, sorrow and sorrow in the world! Huagaiyin bless the grass in front of the root, the grass and wood are Frends, the heart is broken, love the pillow people, but people are thin!

Yan Rong didn’t end up, and Ping Piao’s life was thin. Emei is long and restrained, pear blossom bathed in the rain, and always deducts other people’s stories. White Dove was poor and parrot was flattering. Only the blue bird fed by moonlight accompanied me to see thousands of sails hidden and the lights were dim!

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