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Xie Yinren

Xie Yinren

According to our local custom, the matchmaker promotes a marriage, and the parties or parents should bring gifts to Xie media.

When I was a child, I saw the mother of the Lin family in this village carrying a pig’s head to XIE YU. The matchmaker was my neighbor’s eighth uncle.

At that time, because his family was poor, brother a Liang, Lin’s son, was over forty years old and had not found a target yet. Our neighbor’s eighth uncle was warm-hearted, introducing an old girl from her mother’s family to brother a Liang. The girl’s tongue was a little big, and she was always like a mouth full of food, the legs and feet are not very clever. When walking, the knees touch the knees and the back is camel. It seems that he stole a bow and hid it in the clothes behind his back. The girl’s parents were worrying about her daughter’s life-long events. The Eight Uncles were just like this. The two sides made progress on the speed-up train. They didn’t know each other until lunar January and got married in March, eight Uncles contributed to this marriage as if they were going along with the boat, which was easy.

On the second day of brother a Liang’s marriage and wine, Lin’s mother brought the pig head to Xie Yu. She held a big vegetable basket in her hand, with a big pig’s head dyed red and furry, grinning and smiling, just like a pig’s smiling face. The pig head is big and heavy. Lin’s mother is old, and her legs and feet are not sharp. Walking one high and one low, she looks like a pig. The pig head also backs up with spray gun in the basket, the ears looked more festive and cheerful, and the mother couldn’t walk a few steps and wiped the sweat on her forehead with a handkerchief. He turned out of the mountain. As soon as he saw the room of the eighth uncle, she lit up and shouted, “eighth aunt —” responded with a loud voice and ran out quickly to greet the guests. When the two met each other, the enthusiasm was as warm as the flesh and blood. Mom said, “You helped me accomplish a big thing. I don’t know how to thank you. Don’t abandon this little thing.”

Eight Uncles politely pushed, “it’s useless, that’s their fate.” The two people pushed you over again and again. She shoved over, and the pig head swung her ears back and forth along the pushing rhythm, jumping out of the basket happily. In the end, the tall eight-aunt and the smiling pig head were pushed into the house by the mother.

This scene is like a classic TV sketch engraved into my mind.

Times have changed, and Xie Yinren’s way has also changed with the times. Simply send a suit of clothes or one pair of shoes. It’s OK to go home or go to a restaurant for dinner. In short, it’s casual. Some people also pay more attention to etiquette, and Xie Yu’s form is more complicated. On Lunar January this year, my cousin and my sister-in-law went to thank their matchmaker. The matchmaker was my cousin’s distant cousin, who was in his hometown and was more than 20 miles away from home. My cousin specially invited me to drive them there. Xie Yinren’s gift is a pair of exquisite packaged “good day” brand bottled wine, a large piece of pork and a big red cock. The wine and pork were carefully wrapped around with red paper, which was particularly festive; The Big Red Cock was put into a special gift chicken coop, and a red paper was also attached on the chicken coop. The cock weighs five or six catties. There is a section of Tian Ji road from the road to my cousin’s house. My cousin carried chicken coop, constantly changing his left hand to his right hand, and changing his right hand to his left hand, the cock shouted between hands.

Seeing the arrival of my cousin and sister-in-law, my cousin immediately put down her busy work and flew out of the floor to greet her. My cousin presented a gift and said something grateful to my cousin for her help. My cousin blamed my cousin for being too expensive. Serving for my cousin is what should be done. There is no need for gratitude in return. Your marriage is happy, harmony and love is the best gift for me.

The beauty of the adult, a red line, gently held in the hands of the matchmakers such as the eighth aunt and cousin, made a couple of marriage in the world, and Xie Yu also became a kind and warm etiquette in the world.

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