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Longing for love-Mr. penyan

I haven’t written something for a long time. Too many problems have not been entangled with right and wrong. Let nature take its course and let it be.

Desire, so thirst for knowledge. The word desire includes the desire for many things, and the essence of desire is human needs human desires. The word of desire can not be replaced equally by other words. Only the abnormal demand can use the word of desire.

Love is a kind of affection between men and women. It is a kind of special emotion. It is not abstract specifically and clearly put there. Many people want to pick up or put down, while some people don’t pick up, but there is no denying that the love between men and women has nothing to do with one person or two people, but is it complete or not. For example, I love you and I like you, but I don’t say that this is the secret love as the saying goes. It has nothing to do with whether you love me or not. It is the contribution of unilateral feelings and has nothing to do with you from a certain angle. If you pay blindly and get no return, it is sad and relatively not beautiful.

One person is love, two people are love. Very sad and helpless. It is boring to do many things alone, but it must also be done, such as eating and sleeping. Some things are done by one person is an attitude but I really want two people to do together, such as life, such as love……..

Longing for love and being loved. No one is a child who does not desire to be loved. Human nature is complicated and selfish. Too many people are trying to make changes but it is difficult to change, at most, we can only understand Li, but it is difficult to do it. Just like I pass my opinion and understanding of things to readers, but whether it is correct can only be time to gradually authenticate, and those who cannot be authenticated by time are too lazy to authenticate. In fact, it is better to say that people are too lazy to think about it rather than that time is too lazy to authenticate. It is good to let everything go naturally. After all, human nature is different. I am also selfish in this way, because it is difficult for me to find a true standard of fairness to measure these. The Ancients left thousands of years of culture, but they could not predict the wisdom of future generations, after leaving thousands of years of experience, it can’t prevent mistakes and evolve the development of human nature today. The Ancients left the song of eternal hatred and left the song of eternal hatred. What can’t be left is that Zhaojun went out to different races to make a decision, it is the drunkenness of the imperial concubine.

Desire for love is the idea in many people’s hearts. When desire is mixed with love, it makes us unable to bear loneliness, tired of being alone, and hard to hide our hearts.

Eager for love, the circle of friends is showing love, and you are thinking about the number of pay, how much credit card left, it is time to buy a house when you are old, however, we also call it a kind of freedom to be single. Self-Deception self-habit indulging in life. What is helpless is that there is always an empty position that belongs to someone in the future. My heart is empty, my arms are empty, and my fingers are empty. At the same time, because of the pressure of life, we are caught off guard and have no time to love. It seems that there is no conflict between the two, but the real life is too heavy for people to breathe. Sometimes they don’t want to be alone, but it has become a habit-they don’t realize whether they don’t want to be alone or shouldn’t be alone.

Not wanting to be alone is an idea, not being alone is an attitude and behavior.

There is a kind of single, just to wait for someone, waiting for someone who thinks he is. It’s not that I don’t want to say goodbye to being single, but just for that love, that love, the soul mate in the heart of that person and a person who is willing to choose life quietly.

The heart is a cup, which is full of life, family and friends. There is a place empty waiting for that person. When that person suddenly breaks into the cup, it erodes everyone’s territory like ink. We are used to changing clean water into ink and warm water into hot water. At this time, we feel that maybe this is the power of love. When the person in the heart suddenly left, the heart was full but empty, leaving only time to smooth the emptiness. At this time, we would think, how can ink change back to clear water? When another person breaks into this cup, will it be the exact volume that allows our inner cup to be fully contained? If you can’t hold it, you can also try to change yourself. If you can’t meet your inner needs, you may develop into a rather short-lived one. There is no need to abuse this word because we should respect others, respect the inner volume of others, and respect others rather open the Cup and give our heart to us, respect clear water and be willing to pay as the ink sacrifice fearless.

Being single is a process of being alone.

Single for a long time, single for a long time learned to choose the color of clothes, single for a long time to know what taste is sweet or spicy, a person’s life is as colorful. Single for a long time learned to accept peace, learned to watch the night scene learned to appreciate, learned to care, learned to love yourself learned to be alone away from harm. I have been single for a long time and know that it is time to add clothes in winter and summer. I know that mobile phones are just tools but not necessarily on my body. I know that Valentine’s Day is not necessarily a day to celebrate, as usual, the next bowl of noodles can also be passed. Knowing that chocolate has no special meaning, it can only fill the belly.

Desire for love but not necessarily single, single must desire love. Like a drop of water in the desert, like an ant on hot pot, being single for a long time has a definition of love. Being single allows us to understand what kind of soul mate we really need. I love you, but I may not be able to love all of you, so I am still single. You love me, if you can love all of me, I will be honored to know you. It’s hard to say because I want what I want, and you are not what I want, therefore, we can only disturb each other and make each other well.

Each person’s character is difficult to change. Time is a pig killing knife. Time cuts a person’s eight sides and also cuts this person’s edges and corners. It is difficult to change the edges and corners of his character, when two people came together, they snuggled and quarreled with each other. When the edges and corners were smooth, they were relieved and their hearts were used to living together and understanding snuggling.

Alone, enjoying the freedom and loneliness brought by solitude, walking around Taobao Tmall alone, getting up to work and getting off work alone. A person longs for love, a person longs for love, and two people become love when they come together. If God makes people, he may not know what love is without experience and whether love is in the future, perhaps this is the masterpiece of fate.

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