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Hong Kong love short story C33 (Sun Enli)

Yiping, who was transferred to Shanghai by the company, returned to Hong Kong on weekends.

When the plane arrived, her first action was to turn on the mobile phone.

Will boyfriend Zhide come to pick up the plane?

She was depressed…..

He didn’t even read the text message.

Left Hong Kong last week.

Zhide didn’t give up anything and even owed the most basic hug.

Every time Yiping wants his boss to be tolerant, he can return to Hong Kong early on Friday.

However; She felt that the two-and-a-half-hour voyage had been eroding their feelings.

Zhide’s reply to SMS is getting slower and slower.

Less than ten minutes of video calls at night have indicated that they are too tired.

He usually goes to bed almost early in the morning. How can he want to sleep more than ten hours ago?

Even two days back to Hong Kong, her boyfriend had no plans.

I believe it will be a perfunctory routine to eat and watch movies.

At lunch, she couldn’t help it.

“Am I still not your girlfriend?” She forced him to answer this key question again and again.

“You ask this question again!” He was impatient immediately.

“You don’t read or reply my text message, and you don’t answer the phone……..”

She repeated the complaint mentioned a hundred times.

“I have explained it countless times; I have been very busy at work these days. It’s really tiring to go home. Your text messages are many and long.”

Zhi Yi couldn’t help turning his face away. “In addition, what is said is trivial, just read it.”

She. In order to grasp the affirmation of feelings, he felt suffocated.

Every time I meet, Yiping puts time on the dissatisfaction of the past and the lack of the future.

She started by questioning……

Always break up unhappily.

However. Until now.

She felt unable to hold on any longer.

Emotional unilateral efforts, the pain that the other side doesn’t care…..

She pushed the door and left.

* * * * * * * *

Antique shop in Shanghai Dongtai Road Market on Sunday.

The vendor tried hard to promote a jade brooch.

Yiping asked again and again about the origin of the brooch.

Vendors couldn’t help laughing at the deal.

“For a brooch of more than 100 yuan, you also need to check the root. Water that is too clear has few fish.

Your boyfriend can’t afford you.”

Yiping froze.

Three months later.

Accidental occasions. Yiping and Zhide are no longer the meeting of lovers.

The lost past.

The future is beyond consideration.

Now all over the world.

On the way back to Shanghai from Yiping to the airport. She received a text message from Zhide.

“We haven’t been so happy together for a long time.

For the first time, I felt your trust in me.

Didn’t force me to explain the past. Nor did I urge me to explain the future.

Shall we start again?”

Yiping’s eyes turn red.

She was so painful that she couldn’t break up and let her learn:

Cherish the present.

Cherish the moment when you can belong to each other.

Because. Maybe. Maybe. I don’t know when….

Maybe… this is no longer the case.

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