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Deep love shallow

Deep love shallow

Everyone hopes to have a marriage that will never leave. After all, in today’s rapidly changing real life, the lifestyle of having children around and children around the knee has disappeared!

However, in the brutal reality, some of the traditional life styles that make contemporary people miss, which are sunny and sunset, have been replaced by the contemporary life style; In order to live, it is common for couples to live in each other, and marriage like Cowherd and weaving maid is common, resulting in many marriages and having to face the painful choices of disintegration!

One day, what should I choose?

Maybe I will give up everything to avoid seeing people and increasing my heart ache!

But my thoughts can only represent myself, and I have no right to ask others to make the same choice as myself!

Some people won’t choose anything. The only thing she wants is the bed that leaves the aftertaste of her once beautiful life. Because she didn’t want this bed that proved to be pure and flawless to each other. There was another bed that she slept on and fell in love with herself, which defiled her pure love!

In her mind, what she thought was: “I don’t want anything. I just want this bed we used to sleep in. Even if you fool around with someone, even if this kind of fooling around will last forever, forever! But I know how to cherish each other-the day and night! I will keep this bed where our love bears witness to miracles, and hope that one day, you will come back to my old dream……”

There are many wonders in the world! We can’t blame. After all, there are many ways to stick to love. Even if marriage has reached an irreversible end, people want to have a dream in their hearts. Are we so cruel, do you have to destroy other people’s dreams to realize your dreams?

I am will not, no matter she is very national, but I will not tolerate a marriage with different bedfellows!

Dreams are very fragile, just like the priceless and easily broken blue and white porcelain vase! The only thing I can do is to choose to stay away. Don’t be naive: a stone arouses thousands of waves!

Maybe you will laugh heartily for your masterpiece, but you ruthlessly destroyed others’ dream beauty, which is a great and outrageous conscience guilt?

What is your morality? The biggest death in life is when one day, others think that you have done an unforgivable stupid thing that violates your moral conscience!

Because I don’t want to be stupid, let alone obsessed with being stupid!

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