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Little Peach Blossom is love

Little Peach Blossom is love

Deng Xinghan


In March of Yangchun, peach blossoms bloom. A peach tree next to each other holds pink flower clumps on its branches, just like Rouge clouds falling from the sky.

Who is drunk with flowers blooming? Who hurt the flowers?

On the spring day of March this year, a delicate peach blossom knocked open the window of my closed past.

The phone on the desk suddenly rang. There was a strange phone number on the screen. I was afraid of another harassing phone call, so I hesitated and pressed the listening key. Unexpectedly, what came from the headphones was a very familiar sound like a silver bell that I hadn’t heard for many years. I immediately said excitedly, “Ah — sister M! Have you come to H city? Where are you now? OK! OK! OK! I’ll see you tomorrow……”

Sister M said on the phone that her little daughter was a singer and dancer in biwan resort center in H city. She came to H city to visit her daughter the day before yesterday.

Put down the phone, my excited heart can’t calm for a long time. I haven’t seen each other for many years! I just came to H city to work for less than three months. How did sister M know I was here? Where did she know my phone number? It seems that although we are different from each other and have not contacted for decades, sister M has been watching me all the time.

It has been many years since I saw it, and now I have gathered for thousands of miles. How should I express my feelings? I frowned and fell into deep thinking.


In the early spring, when I was in primary school for four years and two semesters, my father transferred me from Xinglong Primary School to shuihuoping primary school. The story of sister M and I started from here.

The school put me into the fourth grade class where sister M is located, and the head teacher is Yu Changmin. Since I was enlightened at the age of four in I am, in the same class, my age is smaller than that of ordinary schoolmates. Therefore, I always sit in the first row in the classroom. Female students are generally shorter than male students, and most of the first two rows in the class are female students. Teacher Yu arranged me to sit at a table with Sister M. Since then, she has become my “deskmate you”. I also became the point of “green” in “all flowers”.

Sister M’s home is in the small street near the school, and she can go home during class. At that time, the students had a very clear line between men and women. When the male and female students were sitting at the same table, they all carved a “38 lines” on the table, and both sides were not allowed to cross the Lei Chi. I am small and timid. I was born afraid of being ugly and shy. I never fight for the “38th line”. I am young, but my grades are very good, especially my composition is well written. My teacher often reads my composition in the class. In the composition class, after the teacher wrote the questions on the blackboard, he only made a simple inspiration for the students to write by themselves. Every time I write a pen after thinking slightly, but sister M bit the pen with her mouth and could not write the pen. She looked at how I am was written with an oblique eye, so I deliberately let go of my hand to make it easier for her to see. She is also very smart. Look at what I wrote. She changed the sentence herself and changed the position to become her own article.

I don’t know if she knows how to care about people or she will “know the kindness”. On a rainy morning, I slipped accidentally when I went to school. One foot stepped on the paddy field and the socks were all wet, my trouser legs were wet. When I got to school, I was already shivering with cold. After seeing this, sister M went home to carry a fire box and took the cotton shoes and socks she had worn. She asked me to change the socks and shoes, and put the socks I took off on the fire box to dry. When the teacher saw that I had good grades, he made me the leader of the Learning University and was responsible for sending and receiving homework from my classmates. When I send my homework, I will read my classmate’s name loudly. At first, when I read her name, she just said, “I don’t know, do I? Also read the name, just put it here for me.” From that time when I helped me bring up the fire box and ankle sock, when I read her name again, she said to me seriously, “you are not allowed to call my name in the future, you have to call me sister.” Therefore, I called her sister from this time on. She is indeed older than me, but I don’t know how old I am until now.

Sister M and I sat at the same table. Many older male classmates who didn’t like studying laughed at me and secretly said that I had found a “big wife”. I was timid and shy. I just arrived at a new school and felt very lonely. As soon as my classmates made fun of me, I felt more ashamed. I often lay on the table, holding my hands and burying my head in the middle of my arms. Later, I really couldn’t stand it, so I went to the head teacher Yu to “complain”. However, the more teachers criticize those naughty classmates, the more they tease me. It made me feel depressed all day, thinking about turning back to Xinglong Primary School.

At that time, sister M’s face was white and tender, round, with eyebrows as willow leaf, big and bright eyes, black and thick hair, and it was tied into two thick braids with shoulder-length, not slim, but it is well-proportioned and beautiful. Teachers and classmates think she is the most beautiful girl in the class.

Sister M grew up in the street from an early age, and she was quite brave. Once, when we were in labor class, we were cleaning the fallen leaves and paper on the playground. When she heard that her classmates were making fun of me again, she rushed to those naughty classmates and scolded loudly: “Your sister is his wife! Your mother is his wife!” Then she grabbed a broom on the ground and raised it high and said, “I will clean your mouth if anyone wants to be despicable in the future”. Since then, no one has made fun of me.

There are several newly planted peach trees near the playground, whose trunks are not high, but their branches and leaves are luxuriant, just full of pink peach blossoms. On that day, sister M just wore a hand-woven red sweater and embroidered a peach blossom with white wool on her chest. Sister M raised her broom and angrily scolded her classmates and the peach trees beside the playground just formed a beautiful landscape photo, which was deeply printed into my mind. After I returned to the classroom, I wrote a poem on the back page of composition noteboy:

Old peach blossom, less peach blossom

Get married as soon as spring comes

All wear red clothes hot

Burn white clouds into red clouds

Under the peach tree, a girl

Raise the broom to scare the ghost

Who is beautiful with peach blossom

I said she was the most beautiful

Who knows that sister M has quietly returned to her seat. She stood aside and watched me write. As soon as I finished writing, she grabbed it and said, “You are also a little bad guy, what kind of crooked poem are you writing!” Then, she looked at me strangely and continued, “I’ll give it to the teacher!”

I was really scared by her. My face turned red with shame. I only knew that I dug my fingernail with my head down.

Sister M really gave that piece of paper to teacher Yu. I really regret that I shouldn’t have written that stupid thing. Now it’s OK. Wait for the teacher’s criticism honestly. After school, my heart is still uneasy. However, the next day when teacher Yu came to Chinese class, he not only didn’t criticize me, but praised me for writing well and read the poems in front of the whole class. But teacher Yu changed the sentence “raising the broom to scare the Ghost” to “picking up the crayon to paint”.

Later, teacher Yu also sent my poem to the small stream magazine in Hunan province for publication.

On the day when the magazine sent the manuscript fee, sister M reached in front of me and said, “How much do you give me? Say it yourself.”

I felt puzzled and looked at her with wide eyes.

She said, “If I hadn’t given your poem to teacher Yu, would you have today? I did it on purpose!”

I suddenly understood. I was moved in my heart, but I didn’t know how to say it. My mouth kept “hehe.


Thinking of this, I looked up at the windowsill. At this time, there happened to be a gust of wind blowing a peach blossom onto the glass of the window. The tender velvet, red and bright, was exactly the same as the Peach Blossom woven on the red sweater worn by Sister M. Inspired by this, I immediately made a decision in my heart.

I went to the branch of PlAGET in H city and asked them to help make a brooch shaped like a peach blossom from a metal called Gold.

The next afternoon, I took a small and exquisite jewelry box and a bottle of xowine to the Bay resort center and met Sister M.

I asked her to find a quiet place to sit in a cafe and ordered two Starbucks coffee.

Sister M said, “I haven’t drunk it before. I heard that I can’t sleep after drinking coffee.”

I said, “No, I can’t sleep without drinking.”

She tried to take a sip and said, “it smells good. But it’s a little bitter.”

I added some white sugar to her. She drank gracefully a small spoon and a small spoon, and paused for a while between each small spoon to taste the aftertaste carefully. I couldn’t help asking her, “you said you haven’t drunk coffee. You see, your posture is more elegant than that of Westerners.”

She played a haha and replied in a loud voice, “I learned it from TV series and pretended to be Sven in front of you.” Then, she looked at the Environment setting in the cafe for a while and the sea view outside the floor-to-ceiling window for a while.

This is a building near the mountain and the sea. The coffee house is located on the third floor and has the best view from the sea. Sitting here, you can see the wide sea from any angle. The blue sea is full of waves, and some tourists are surfing in petitbateau. The waves ran towards the shore, breaking into piles of white flowers. There is a large beach on the shore, and the sun shines on the beach, reflecting the golden soft light. There were tall palm trees on the shore, and the gentle sea breeze blew the leaves slightly.

I looked at sister M’s face and felt that she had changed a lot compared with her youth. The hard years in the countryside left indelible marks on her face. Her forehead was wrinkled, her face looked a little old, and her figure had changed. But it is still mature and dignified. Looking at it, a hint of sadness flashed across my mind.

Sister M took a sip of coffee and said to me with a smile, “you are still like a doll and don’t look old at all.”

I said, “you haven’t changed much either.”

She pretended to be angry and said, “Haven’t you changed? That means you don’t remember me at all.” After a pause, she added, “for decades, it is impossible to remain unchanged. However, my heart is very wide, and I always treat life happily.”

Then, our topic turned to their own lives and the situation of their classmates. The content was not separated from oil, salt, firewood, rice and children.

She told me that her first child after marriage was a daughter, but her man must have a boy, so she quit her job as a car driver in the county nitrogen fertilizer factory, go home and buy a car for transportation professionals. She also became a member of the super guerrilla group. As soon as she was pregnant, she left her hometown to rent a house and hide at the junction of the cities where Huaihua, Shaoyang and other relatives were located. The man’s Economic Income for transportation is OK, but her stomach is not competitive, and her second child is a daughter. After two years, I was pregnant again. Six months later, I went to the hospital to find a relationship and had a B- ultrasound examination. The doctor said it was a boy, and the family was extremely happy. As a result, I was born a girl again. Three days later, her man insisted on giving the child away. Two years later, she was pregnant with her fourth child, and her man said to have a B- ultrasound examination again. As a result, she got angry and said, “what else to check? Is the inspection accurate? This is the last time for a man or a woman, either giving birth or having an abortion.” As a result, her man had to gamble and decided to give birth to the child. It’s really a boy who lived up to Huangtian. The boy has graduated from college for two years now. Both of her girls have inherited her genes. They are both beautiful and capable of singing and dancing. They have read the kindergarten class of Wugang Normal School at their own expense, after graduation, they all came to this bay resort center to be singing and dancing actors. However, the eldest daughter died in the delivery room due to postpartum hemorrhage when she gave birth six years ago, leaving a grandson to be raised by her. Now, she managed to raise this grandson to primary school. The second daughter also gave birth to a child recently, so she came to have a look specially.

It turned out that sister M had gone through such a road of life. She said it easily, but I heard it in my heart. There was a look of surprise and sympathy on my face. However, sister M seems to be talking about other people’s affairs, and there is no sad expression at all. On the other hand, she said in a comforting tone: “In fact, it is very common to have experienced a lot.” Then, she turned the topic and went on to say, “This is the first time I have seen the sea. I have only seen it in books or TV before. I like the sea, its breadth when it is calm, and its magnificence when it waves. Thank you for bringing me to such a wonderful place.”


It’s getting late. I’m going back to school, so I gave her the present. She didn’t refuse either. She picked it up and looked at it. She smiled thoughtfully and said, “you are still so poetic!” Then carefully put the gift into the bag. She raised her chin and said to me, “Okay. You go back, I’ll send you.”

She sent me out of the restaurant and came to a peach forest on the side of the road. She stopped and said, “I won’t send you. Go back. Remember to see my sister when you go home later.” After that, she leaned her body on a peach tree, climbed down a peach blossom casually, put the flower on the tip of her nose and smelled it again.

I looked at her silently and said affectionately, “then I will go back, sister. You should pay more attention to your body in the future.”

I walked a few steps and looked back to see her. He still didn’t move according to the peach tree, watching me. The sun just emerged from the clouds, and the light shone on the fiery peach blossom, making people feel a little miserable.

I waved to her, so I stopped looking back and walked straight forward alone. At this time, in front of my eyes, a peach blossom has been appearing in illusion. However, peach blossom is shown not by the sun, but by a round moon.


One day in March 1977 AD, I received a note from Qingqing, an underground traffic officer of sister M and me. There is a line of familiar pen writing on it: Meet Me at the old place tonight.

This old place is the peach forest at the head of the new junior school of the brigade.

At that time, peach blossoms were blooming vigorously.

When I went there according to the time I had met before, sister M had already arrived. She sat on a stone under the peach tree waiting for me. But I used to wait for her first.

I approached and sat down beside her and said softly, “you are early.”

She listened to me but said nothing. One hand was on the knee, and the other hand was pinching the weeds in front of him. She pinched one by one, cut one and threw the broken head to the ground. She dumped and pinched, pinched and dumped, as if there was no me at all.

I felt very puzzled and had a premonition of what had happened. But I still said with laughter, “Why are you unhappy? Is it because I’m late?”

She didn’t speak.

After a while, I said, “What’s wrong! Is it physical discomfort? What injustice did you suffer?”

She still didn’t speak.

After a while, I said again, “Is everything okay in your family? You see, you have never been like this. What happened today? If you don’t talk, what do you want me to do?”

I looked a little impatient and stood up from her. However, after a while, I sat on a stone opposite her.

She still didn’t speak, just pinched the grass hard. The grass around her was pinched, and she touched a small stone and drew it on the ground randomly.

I looked up at the sky helplessly. A full moon was slowly rising, with some thin clouds drifting gently under the moon. The bright moonlight reflected our figure, which just overlapped our heads. The air was filled with the fragrance of peach blossoms. I could see her face clearly. There were fluffy bang on her broad forehead and her eyes were no God. She looked at the ground all the time. Her face was pale and she looked doldrums. Her upper and lower lips were tightly sipped together. This kind of face shows that she has unspeakable pain in her heart.

Silence, silence, as if the air was about to freeze.

Suddenly, he threw the small stone on his hand into the distance and said to me coldly, “ding shi has come back to visit relatives, do you know?”

Ding shi is our classmate, but he is much older than us. At the end of grade three, he was drafted into the army. I heard that he drove a car in air force ground service troops.

Ah!” I was a little surprised at first, and then said calmly, “he should be eight years old and can come back to visit relatives.”

Sister M stopped talking and restored the unbearable silence between us.

After a long time, sister M seemed to have made great efforts and said loudly, “we will get married in three days!”

Ah! What did you say?!” As if my head was hit by a bolt from the blue, as if I suddenly fell into a bottomless abyss. I was at a loss and dizzy.

Seeing my astonishment, sister M calmed down instead. She stood up, leaning against a peach tree on her back, and said to me gently in a voice, “Life in the countryside is so difficult now. If both of them are farmers, apart from working hard to earn a few jobs, there is no economic source. How much is the work score worth? After a year’s settlement, in addition to the ration money, even the money to buy a piece of clothes is not enough. If there is a child in the future, he will be sent to school. Where does the money to support his family come from? Now the country says that it will not recruit for five years, and a commune will be assigned to one or two university-level indicators every year, but it depends on recommendation! We all have no background. It doesn’t matter. Who will recommend us? You have knowledge and ability, but you can’t even be a private teacher.”

She looked angry and desperate. After a little control of her mood, she continued: “Anyway, I am don’t want to live the life of these two people who are farmers. The reality is that none of us has the chance to change our fate. Ding Shi is a motorist. He can arrange work as a car driver when he changes his career back. Have you ever heard of it? Today’s drivers are one of the best jobs. ‘White warrior Red flag floating, four wheels and two knifes’ Ah!”

I felt a huge stone slowly pressing towards my heart, and my breathing became more and more tense. I said angrily, “Why have you suddenly become so vulgar?”

She still said to me calmly, “I am not vulgar, I am mature. It is the reality that forced me to think like this. This is a life-long thing! You need to calm down.”

Yes! Why have I ever thought of this? I have always lived in my ideal kingdom. I think sister M is cloud, Sun, Moon, XINGX, flowers, soft wind and clear water. She has all this when I have it. As long as I am with her, I will feel happy and happy. What is the hardship of Labor? What is poverty in life? I can’t live without sister M!

I also stood up excitedly and said, “Don’t despair, don’t look at me to death, I don’t believe I have no future. I am only 20 years old this year, and the limit age for recruitment to the country is still five years. Five years later, the society will change, the country will change, and the world will change! Everything will change. Believe me, take a long-term view!” After that, I rushed up desperately and hugged her tightly.

Sister M also put her arms around me tightly and said in a trembling voice, “I can’t see the future, I can’t see it! In another five years, I will be an old woman in another five years! You can wait, I can’t wait!” I felt a string of tears falling on my cheek and slowly flowing into my heart.

Suddenly, sister M loosened her hand and pushed me out so far. She said seriously and almost angrily, “Go away! Why are you doing this? What is our relationship? What do we have to do with it? Three days later, I was Ding Shi’s bride!”

After she finished speaking, she resolutely walked on her way home, and the two black and thick braids swung alternately on her back. The Moonlight pulled her shadow longer and longer.

The moon in the sky is full, and people on the Earth are scattered. The ruthless moon shines on the Earth indifferent, shining on this broad Peach Blossom. It was originally pink peach blossom in this dark night, but under this white moonlight, it seemed extremely miserable. Sister M walked back like a hammer and hit my heart. My heart is aching. I just think the sky is falling……

What is our relationship? What do we have to do with it? Yes! We can be called childhood, but we have never said the most difficult word to say to each other! However, don’t we really have that kind of relationship? I don’t know, it’s still a mess!


That night, I sat on the stone in the peach forest, looking at the direction of sister M’s departure, sitting in the morning in a daze.

Sister M and I have been in the same class since the fourth grade of primary school and graduated from high school. At that time, the school set up the “mao zedong thought literature and art propaganda team.” once they meet the major festivals and political centers such as “july 1,” “11,” and “new year’s day”, they must write scripts, rehearse some programs to perform in each brigade. Therefore, in addition to classes at school during the day, I basically rehearse programs at school at night. Sister M and I really get along with each other day and night.

Although we didn’t sit at the same table later, the seats were always next to each other. I was in the first row and she was in the second row behind me. In our study, we always discuss and promote each other. In our after-school life, we always tell anecdotes, interesting life events and heard folk stories together. We work together and play games together. She listened to me in study, and I listened to her in extracurricular activities. Every time she finished her math and physics homework, she deliberately took my exercise book and pretended to be serious and said, “Come on, let me check if you have done it right.” In fact, she wants to answer a pair of answers with me. If she occasionally finds that I have a wrong result, she will say, “Look, is it wrong? Pride makes people fall behind. You should learn more from me in the future!” If she did something wrong or couldn’t do it, she said, “Chairman Mao taught us, ‘all the people in the revolutionary team should care for each other, love each other and help each other. ‘Just explain it to me clearly.”

At that time, we all liked reading novels, such as “song of youth”, “the ancient city of fighting in the spring breeze and wildfire”, “the youth of fighting”, “red rock”, “lin hai xueyuan”, “bitter cabbage flower”, we have read dozens of novels such as winter jasmine, Chaoyang Flower, red flag spectrum, Tongbai Mountain, how Steel Was Tempered, etc. We not only read outside class, but also secretly read books in the drawer in class.

Sometimes, when sister M reads fragments with love descriptions, she makes a mark in the book and passes it to me from under the desk when the teacher turns around. There is also a note in the book, on which a line is written: “What kind of broken book are you? Take a look at it yourself.” However, within a few minutes, she kicked my heel with her feet and said eagerly, “Are you fascinated? I haven’t finished reading it yet, give it to me quickly.”

In addition to learning, we also need to do labor. I often go to the great ridge to open land and run a farm, carry soil on the water conservancy site of the commune to build dams, and go to the chestnut garden more than 40 miles away to pick coal and come back to burn red bricks to build schools…… Wait, wait, wait. Labor is happy, labor is also hard. Every time we go to chestnut garden to pick coal, we start from home to school at about three o’clock in the morning. When we arrive at chestnut garden, it is only eight o’clock in the morning. Then, we quickly installed the coal and passed the scale, and walked back without stopping.

When I came back, it was full of uphill roads, especially in the last ten miles, people were tired and hungry, but they still had to climb the high and steep yin mountain to go back to school.

One day, sister M and I were waiting for several female classmates. When we picked them at the foot of yin mountain, it was already the sun in the west. People were exhausted. They were so hungry that they growled and their legs were weak, every ten steps up, you have to put down and rest for a while before you go. We just take a break after a few steps, take a break and move a few more steps, moving forward as hard as Ant moving. Finally, when it was halfway up the mountain, everyone felt that they had no strength any more, so they put down the burden and sat on the ground, saying something complaining with a sigh.

Suddenly, I don’t know who said pessimistic, “this is really better than life! If we want to stop suffering this kind of crime, there is only one death!”

Unexpectedly, this sentence got everyone’s response, and sister M was no exception. At this time, someone pointed to the telephone pole on the roadside and said, “If you want to die fast, we will be electrocuted.”

Everyone said, “Good!”

At this time, sister M said, “I will take the lead!” Then she really walked to the front of the telegraph pole.

My strength is small, and I feel more tired than them. The bones of my whole body are broken by the burden, which makes me feel painful. I thought that I would die if sister M died. What else could I give up? I followed. Just as she was approaching the telegraph pole, sister M suddenly turned around and shouted loudly, “Ah! What a big snake, let’s go!” She quickly took the burden and rushed to the mountain.

When everyone heard that there was a big snake, his heart was so scared that his heart was high, so they rushed with the burden. In this way, everyone rushed to the top of the mountain in one breath.

After returning to school, I asked sister M curiously, “Sister, did you really get an electric shock?”

She stretched out her hand and twisted it on my face. She said fiercely, “it’s easy for you to die. Do you want your parents to raise you for free?”

I asked doubtfully, “then did you really see a big snake?”

She made a face and said, “I don’t say there are snakes. Do you have such great strength to pick up the mountain?”

I suddenly realized, “Oh.” I stopped talking.

In the school’s literature and art propaganda team, I mainly write scripts for sections such as “dialogue,” “three and half,” “fast blackboard writing,” “performance singing”, etc. closely combined with the political situation; Write steel plates, print scripts of large-scale programs; Participate in performances of small chorus, performance singing, dance and other programs; Play small roles such as “dog legs” in large-scale programs, when not on the stage, do such things as hiding behind the curtain and passing words for actors on the stage.

On the new year’s day in 1972, the dengjiapu district organized the literary and artistic propaganda teams of the five communes to perform the performance competition. The venue of the performance is in the Great Hall of dengjiapu district, where each commune takes a participating program. As we all know, the art propaganda team of deng jiapu commune is the highest level. We also know that there is xiao chuntao there. She is a very beautiful young woman who performs best, wugang county literary Corps often borrowed her. Teacher Wang Youping of our school is our team leader. He has used a lot of brains to win surprisingly. First of all, in the selection of programs, he avoided the fourth “zhidou” in the peking opera shajiabang, which was familiar to everyone but difficult to surpass, but chose the second “transfer” instead. Sister M is the “Xiao Chuntao” of our commune. She has a good voice, beautiful people and what she acts like. Of course, she plays grandma Sha in the play. However, who will play the role of Guo Jianguang? Teacher Wang can’t decide for a while. In the past, there was a classmate named deng zhong who often acted as the main positive character in the play because of his tall appearance. However, sister M thought that his appearance was not ideal, and his back was a little slightly camel, which made him look mentally inactive. Sister M offered to let me play. She told teacher Wang that I was young, and my voice also had a milk cavity, which sounded very special. In particular, I look good and have big eyebrows. Although I don’t look tall, my image is powerful and vigorous. Using a young person as the leading role is also a surprisingly successful strategy. She said that teacher Wang moved her heart, but as a result, I tried on the stage with makeup. My dress and action were very good, But once I tried my singing skills, I found that I was not allowed to sing in some places and was easy to run. This made teacher Wang hesitate again. Sister M told teacher Wang that she was responsible for teaching me to sing, and she promised that I could sing correctly. In this way, teacher Wang promised me to play Guo Jianguang.

Sister M really made up her mind. After rehearsing every day, she stayed with me and taught me to sing meticulously:

Sunrise on Yangcheng Lake

Luhua blossom, rice and rice fragrance, bank Willow

All with the hands of working people

Jinxiu Jiangnan Yumi Township is drawn


Under the guidance and supervision of sister M, I finally grasped the singing performance. Later, our program really compared “Zhidou” of Deng’s commune, and we won the first place.

We graduated from high school ten days after we came back from the performance of Deng’s shop.

On the day of the graduation ceremony, the students were both excited and sad. It was a sunny day, the sun was warm, shining on the ground with some morning frost, and a thin layer of water was blowing. The sky is bright but not high. The mountains and fields in the distance are gray. The poplar lights in front and back of the school classroom stand mashed potato, and the forest canopy stung high into the sky. Everything looks bleak and helpless.

The bell of the Graduate Conference rang, and the students walked towards the conference in twos and threes. Sister M deliberately delayed out of the classroom. When she saw that I was ready to get up and leave, she grabbed me and said, “Wait for me.”

When all the students left, she took out two butterflies woven with rubber ribbons that tied her hair from her pocket and shook in front of me. One was red, the other was yellow, and the image was vivid.

She asked me, “is it beautiful?”

I said, “beautiful. Did you knit it?”

“Of course. I specially made it last night.”

Give it to me.”

“Do you want it?”


“Then you can collect it well. One day in the future, I may check whether you still have it!” When Sister M finished, she handed me the yellow butterfly.

After I took it, I stretched out my hand and asked her for another one. Said, “Give me that too.”

She stared at me intentionally and said, “How is it possible? Don’t you know that Jia Baoyu has a “Tongling Baoyu” and Xue Baochai also has a “golden lock necklace ‘?” After that, she walked towards the venue quickly without returning her head.

Ah!” I suddenly felt a torrent rising from my heart and the blood suddenly boiled. I quickly put the butterfly into the pocket inside the cotton-padded coat and hid it, and followed sister M to the venue.


After graduating from high school, sister M and I both became young intellectuals back home. At that time, I was only fifteen years old.

Sister M and I have fewer chances to meet each other, but we can still meet each other every month or several days. Because, we are still in the “mao zedong thought literature and art propaganda team”; The cadres who hold culture and education in the commune should transfer me to wall newspaper during the festival, and important political activities should transfer me to write slogans; sometimes the production team sent me to buy pesticides and chemical fertilizers and so on. I went to the shuihuping street to meet her at her home by the way. Even if I can’t see it for a long time, sister M will send our “underground traffic officer” qingqing to send a letter and ask me to meet in that peach forest.

On March 1974 AD, yi jifeng, a female chemistry teacher in shuifengping middle school, took three months of maternity leave. She suggested to the headmaster that she ask me to substitute for her, and the headmaster agreed, I became a temporary substitute teacher. In that era when it was difficult to get the opportunity to participate in national work, it was also a kind of honor to be a substitute teacher for several months.

After sister M knew the news, she was very happy. She came to my room to accompany me almost every night after packing and stopping. I sat at the kerosene lamp in front of the desk to prepare lessons and correct my homework. She sat on the edge of the bed leaning against one end or sole making of the desk or knitting a sweater.

The dim kerosene light, shining on her fluffy hair and her beautiful face, reflected her silhouette on the paper window, which made me feel a hazy beauty.

She was afraid of disturbing my work and kept silent. Her hand with needle and thread was drawing a soft and elegant arc in the air. The house was very quiet, only the sound of her pulling the shoe rope made a rhythmic “wordy” sound. Sometimes she stopped, looked at me affectionately with her big and bright eyes, and continued to do her work after a while. Sometimes I was afraid of her loneliness, so I talked to her while working and asked her what farm work she did today? What did you eat for dinner? Tired? She always said, you should work hard first.

When I finished the work, she went to pour two glasses of water, handed me a cup, and took one herself, saying, “Dear teacher Deng, you have worked hard! Please have a cup of butter tea.”

Then he leaned on the back of my chair, leaned forward, face pasters my ear, and sang softly: “Dear butter tea, then present hada. Sing a song in your heart to your relatives (Deng) Jin Zhuma.”

She deliberately changed the lyrics. He originally wanted to sing it as “dedicated to his relatives, teacher Deng, but as soon as she sang the word” Deng “, she immediately changed it to” Golden Juma.”

After singing, she looked at my right face with her head tilted and asked me jokingly, “teacher Deng, how many male classmates did you criticize today?”

I said, “I can listen carefully to the students in class. No one violates the class discipline at all.”

She leaned her head to my left face again and continued to smile and say, “Ha ha! Then you are so excellent, how many female students have written to you?”

I said, “What are you talking about! I am their teacher. How dare students write letters to teachers!”

She ran behind me again, pressed her hands on my shoulder, pretending to disdain and said, “You see how old you are? Isn’t it just one or two years older than them? I mean to call myself a teacher!” Then he made a face at me and said, “How about it? Angry?”

She just walked around me like a live lark. Then, she sat on the edge of the bed again, put her hands on the desk, looked up at me, and said in a soft tone, “you are really good. You can teach high school after graduating from high school. I didn’t understand these things when I was reading, but now I forget them all. Come on, teach me again.”

Time flies quickly when you are in a good mood. The teacher on duty rang the bell of late break. Sister M stood up, smiled and said, “it’s getting late, little brother, send your elder sister back to the house to have a rest.” I took her out of school and stood on the hillside watching her enter the opposite street before walking back.

One night, I didn’t have much to do. I finished the work early and waited for Sister M.

When Sister M came, she saw me reading a book “literature and art of workers and peasants” and said with a smile, “Ha ha! When did teacher Deng learn to be lazy and stop working so early?”

I said, “Don’t slander! I am the most serious about my work!”

At that time, I am really put all the energy into work. Because, I know this is an opportunity. I must do my best to make a good impression on the school and strive to be employed by the commune as a private teacher next semester.

Sister M saw me reading a poem. She said, “usually everyone says that your poems are well written. I will test you tonight. I will give you a question casually. You can make a poem for me on the spot.”

I said, “If I make it, what reward will you give?”

She thought for a while and said, “I’ll sing you a song.”

I said happily, “OK, please give a question!”

She pointed to the moon in front of the window and said, “you can write a poem with the moon.”

I looked at the window. The poplar in front of the window was just holding a full moon, and the Moonlight covered my windowsill. I looked at the moon and coughed twice as a buffer of time. Then read one sentence after another:

Millennium Moon

Hanging on the tree tonight

The past is over

The round Moonlight passives the light of youth.

But you are still not old

Shixian toasted for you

Dispelling your melancholy

Perillaseeds toast for you

I sang out eternal masterpiece for you

I raise a glass next to the window.

Eager for Chang ‘e to give me a cup of qiongye

The night wind shook the leaves

Whispering the fragrance of time

The river is calm without waves.

Care for Moonlight and don’t break it into sadness

The light Clouds Chasing the Moon in the sky

Please take the dream of flowering far away

After the poem was finished, I paused and said to sister M, “How is the poem? Now it’s your turn to award!”

Sister M, like drinking honey, involuntarily turned the mouth a few times and said with endless aftertaste, “it’s really good! Now I award.” After that, she let go of her voice and sang:

Moon High hanging in the sky

Autumn Wind bursts of lake water

Honghu, my hometown

Honghu, my mother

Since Han Ying was born

I have been by your side since I was a child.


Sister M sang a famous passage in the opera Honghu Red Guards. She once successfully played Han Ying in this play. Tonight, she sang emotionally again. Her voice is sweet and broad, singing like a cry, solemn and sonorous, beautiful and touching, as drunk as a dream.

Listen, listen, I couldn’t help walking towards sister M, reaching her beautiful and plump waist. Sister M also took advantage of the situation to stretch out her hands and hug me into her arms. Therefore, for the first time, two young and sincere hearts closely overlap.


In the autumn of this year, two private teachers were employed in shuikeping commune Middle School, and a private teacher was also employed in the primary school of our brigade, but they were all children or relatives of some Brigade secretaries. However, the people unanimously recommended me to stand aside again, and I am still an Earth repairman.

I was very angry in my heart, and sister M was very disappointed, and the masses all held injustice for me. But everything is useless, and the society is still operating according to its trajectory.

Although sister M comforted me many times not to be angry, she had to endure and wait for the opportunity slowly. However, because I was young and naive, without discussing with sister M, I worked hard late at night and wrote a long article with half disclosure and half sarcasm in the form of a newspaper, the title is “autumn wind telling”, signed as “Chinese youth”. The article was written in writing brush semi-cursive script fonts and was full of eight large white paper. In the quiet night of the next night, I took the ladder, the batter, and the written newspaper to shuifengping Street, and quietly pasted the newspaper on the brick wall facing the road at the food station. Eight large pieces of white paper were scrubbed all over a wall. After finishing the post, I read the article again, and then came home with a very proud and dispelling feeling.

It’s really a stone that triggers a thousand waves! The next morning, the news that someone posted a big-character newspaper on the shuifengping Street immediately spread in a rage. Many people specially ran to watch it from a place more than a dozen miles away. The big-character newspaper was often crowded in front of it, some people are still making excited comments. Since many people agree with the point of view in the article and hate unfair practices, the next night, many people went on to post a newspaper. Articles one by one, white paper one by one, the wall sticker of the food station is full and then pasted on the wall of the supply and marketing cooperatives, which is really overwhelming.

At that time, the commune party committee came forward. They think this is a political event. People who write big-character newspapers have ulterior motives and are tilting the masses against the party. Therefore, the commune party committee quickly set up an ad hoc group to solve the case, and the people who wrote “autumn wind telling” should be caught as soon as possible. At the same time, the newspaper was quickly cleared, and the militia were arranged to stand guard day and night, and no more stickers were allowed.

People in the task force think that the article has sharp language, clear thinking, strict logic, and can be quoted from the classics. Calligraphy is beautiful and familiar, and the people who write this article are probably me. In order to find evidence, they secretly went to my house to search for my ink and notebook, and finally decided that it was me.

They summoned me to the commune and asked me to admit the fact. I think a good man is a good man. He has nothing to hide, so he frankly admitted that I wrote the article. They then asked me to admit that the purpose of writing articles was anti-party and anti-socialism, and they wanted me to be the current counter-revolutionary.

I know that the current counter-revolution is going to send the public security bureau to jail. I argued with them, “my article only revealed some improper behaviors and unfair practices of the brigade secretary, without any anti-party awareness and half-sentence of anti-party speech!”

They said far-fetched: “The secretary of the brigade is a party member, and your anti-brigade secretary is anti-party.”

I said, “You are robber logic! Is to deliberately harm me!”

They said, “If you don’t admit it, lock it up!”

I said, “I want to kill you. I won’t admit it when I die!”

Later, they put me in the commune for three days, and finally let me go as “dissatisfied with reality.

However, the secretary of the brigade held a grudge against me from now on and always found fault to revenge me.

I became a “dissatisfied with reality” and was put into “another volume” politically “. On the New Year’s Day of that year, the county film screening team came to our commune, and it was a round of one night’s film for the masses of each brigade. At that time, people’s spiritual life was very poor, and watching movies became the only spiritual enjoyment. However, you can only turn one or two times a year at most. Because the contents of the films shown are all for political propaganda purposes, watching movies is also a political event. At that time, transportation was also extremely underdeveloped. Machines and props for showing movies are manually picked and transported. The people who served as the task of picking and transporting were all the political people who entered the “other volume” such as “land, wealth, anti-corruption, bad and right” of each brigade.

That afternoon, in order to revenge me, the secretary of the brigade sent me and several landlords to the Shanjiang brigade to pick the film Machine back. The Shanjiang brigade is about ten miles away from our brigade, and a long slope road is required first. Those landlords are in their fifties one by one, with gray heads and faces, but they often do this. They all know which burden is the heaviest and which burden is the lightest. After arriving at the Shanjiang brigade, they took up those light burdens and ran back. The rest of the most heavy burden of the generator and projector is chosen for me. Later, someone told me that the load weighed more than 180 Jin. At that time, as soon as the burden was on my shoulder, I felt as heavy as death on my shoulder. After biting my teeth, I straightened my waist and walked back step by step. I can’t walk half a mile and I have to take a rest. It’s getting dark. There are still four or five miles from the destination, but I can’t pick it at all. I think of myself thin and weak body, but I have been tired like a cow for years; I think of myself as an intellectual youth, but I have become a kind of discrimination with these landlords; I think this society is so unfair…… As a result, a sense of shame and a kind of resistance without restraint strongly hit my heart. I finally threw the burden on the road angrily and went straight home regardless of everything.

That night, the movie of our brigade was not shown because I didn’t pick the engine and projector back. The crowd who came to the primary school to watch movies had to be disappointed to go home. They complained all over the sky. All the brigade secretaries and cadres were furious. The next morning, the secretary of the brigade organized a mass meeting to fight against me.

Facing the sharp deterioration of my political life, sister M saw it in her eyes and was anxious in her heart. At that time, although she became the women’s director of the brigade, she wanted to speak for me, but she was weak after all. She was unable to stop the wheel of my political life from sliding to the abyss step by step.

How many nights, we sat side by side in the peach forest, sighing at the gloomy night, full of sorrow on the road of life, and felt extremely depressed about the reality in front of us. No one has pleasant words to say. Sister M can only advise me to be strong and patient again and again.

The spring of 1975 seemed not to be spring for me. On Lunar January 10, the battalion commander of the Brigade militia came to my house and informed me to take the quilt, clothes and hoe with him. I asked him where he wanted me to go? He said that the brigade decided that I would send me to he Guling for labor reform.

He Guling is the highest mountain in the water immersion flat, standing alone above the mountains. If you want to go from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, you can only find a rugged narrow pass with a four-and five-mile road. At the meeting, the secretary of the Brigade decided to control some of us who were not pleasing to the eyes into the “other volume” in the name of the economic field office of the land reclamation.

There were seven of us, four of whom were landlords, rightists, and I and the other two were poor peasants. The brigade sent an old poor Association chairman to manage us. There were militia standing guard at the intersection below the mountain day and night, and we were not allowed to go down the mountain freely.

When we arrived at the top of the mountain, we saw that there was nothing we needed, only thatch, rubble and scattered trees. On the first day, we cut thatch, cut down trees, leveled out a place of more than 20 square meters, and tied up a canopy for accommodation. The next day, a small pond was dug out to take the rain falling from the sky as drinking water. With the basic living conditions, we began to reclamation.

It’s really spiral!

At that time, we basically ate sweet potatoes, steamed buns and other grains, with few Rice, and we couldn’t eat enough every day. Every night, we were so hungry that we could not sleep, go outside together and pick some leaves to eat and fill your belly. Since we went up the mountain, we have never seen the oil Star, and the pot rust can be red half of the sky. In addition to chili or chili, the way to cook the dishes is to put some water to boil first, and then put the chili into it to cook. It is very difficult to use water. The water that has been washed should be left to clarify before washing dishes. Every night, several people beat a bucket of water. Each person soaked his handkerchief in the bucket and wiped his body to sleep. If the hair is long, take a sickle to cut each other short and thin. In less than two months, everyone has thin yellow skin and sunken eyes. At a glance, they can only see two “black holes” under long hair and hair.”

It’s a long night, everyone is very homesick, but home is not allowed to go back. In order to kill the night, they asked me to tell stories. I will tell them the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the water tank and the novels I have read. But sometimes when they were tired of listening, someone said to me, “are all the people in these stories you told without a family or a wife? Can you talk about someone with love?”

Of course there are those who have love, but I dare not say it again. I said, “I have never read such a book.”

They were disappointed. They just said some vulgar and vulgar words and joked with each other. Sometimes they even fight with each other by the nameless fire. Everyone has a feeling of time.

One afternoon three months later, we were reclaiming land and building ladder soil. Suddenly, a militia guarding the intersection below climbed up the mountain and told me that the women director of the brigade under the mountain wanted me to go down.

When I heard this, I was so happy that I couldn’t describe it. Isn’t the women director of the brigade sister M? How many nights have I missed her? I can finally see her today! I put down my hoe and ran down the mountain.

The sun is already West, but the temperature is still relatively high. Sister M stood on the dam foundation of the reservoir below the mountain. She took down the sun-shading bamboo hat on her head and looked at the mountain waiting for me to come down.

When I came to her, she glanced at me and cried like a river that opened the gate. She cried and said, “How did it become like this! What a sin!”

I couldn’t help feeling sad, but I still pretended to be nothing and said, “it’s okay, I’m fine.”

Sister M asked me to sit on the grass on the dam foundation with her. She pulled out a bag made of pumpkin leaves from her handbag, opened it and sent it to me with her hands, saying, “Do you still remember Duan Xiaomei in our class? She got married today, and I went to eat wedding wine. This is my part meat. I’m all wrapped back. I know you haven’t seen the frying pan for three months. You can eat it all now.”

After I took the melon leaf bag, I couldn’t help crying any more. I knew I was holding a sincere heart. I said, “You are so kind!”

She broke a firewood tree casually, divided it into two, handed it to me and said, “just use it as Chopsticks. Eat it quickly.”

I said, “then you can have some too.”

She pushed my hand gently and said, “I usually eat. Don’t talk too much, eat quickly!”

My moved tears have been flowing quietly. I also felt an incomparable happiness. She looked at me and began to eat, tears gradually stopped, and her face gradually had a happy color.

When she saw that I had finished eating, she said to me in a comforting and entrusting tone, “you must be strong. Don’t talk nonsense any more. Take good care of yourself, I will find a way to put you next, don’t worry!”

Sister M sent me to the intersection of the mountain, waved to me and said, “go. Don’t be pessimistic!” After that, she turned around and left.

I quickly climbed up and stood in the open place of the mountain road, looking at her back gradually disappearing at the end of the road for a long time.


Perhaps the political situation has changed. After ten months of transformation on he Guling, the brigade disbanded us.

The time soon came to the late autumn of 1937, when the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China announced the decision to resume the college entrance examination. People all over the country cheered and many young people were rushing to tell each other. Some people have already got the gossip in this field, and they are already struggling and eager to try.

However, the shocking news did not show any waves in my heart.

In the past two years, I have experienced too much misfortune and suffering. After coming back from reform-through-labor group, due to physical damage, I got acute hepatitis in the spring of 1976. After staying in bed for 45 days, I was cured by Grandpa with herbs. In the autumn of 1976, I suffered a car accident. A large tractor with a load of more than four tons was pressed over me. Although I left my life, my body was seriously injured. In the spring of 1977, sister M suddenly married another classmate, which hit my heart a huge blow. Physical injury, emotional blow and political pressure made me frustrated and desperate.

After five years of Labor exercise, I became an expert in farm work. I was good at ploughing and raking. I walked out of the sun every day and returned at sunset. I did the work of the production team and then did the work in my own land. The whole person became a Labor machine. I think this is my life, this is my life, I recognized it.

Some students came to persuade me to sign up for the exam. Some teachers who care about me told me how to review. My parents worked hard to educate me not to give up the opportunity to wait for me, try to pass the exam at one stroke, and set a good example for my younger brothers and sisters. All the advice and education of these people are in vain in front of me. I know myself that I may be able to pass the exam, but even if I pass the exam, it is also a white exam. How can a “dissatisfied with reality” be admitted?! It’s better to be interesting. Don’t let the heart just calmed down be hurt again!

It was only about a week before the registration deadline. That afternoon, the production team asked me to sell cotton in the supply and marketing cooperatives. When I sold cotton and went home, I met Sister M on the road behind her home.

This is our first meeting after we broke up in Peach Grove. I am wanted to avoid her, but I hesitated and was stopped by her.

She stood in front of me and said gracefully, “What? Don’t you know me?”

I felt very embarrassed. I turned my head aside and wanted to call her in my heart, but I finally didn’t say anything.

Then, she looked very serious and said, “I am specially going to your home to find you today. It’s God’s will. I just met you here when I went out.” Then, she deliberately pretended to be a little angry and said, “Don’t keep a straight face, I borrowed your money to return your chaff? I decided to go to you for your own good today. Don’t be ignorant. Come on, come to my house and say it.”

I had no choice but to follow her into her home. I used to be familiar with everything here. Now, I suddenly feel strange.

She is the smallest in their family. Although she is married now, the things and furnishings in her room are exactly the same as before because there is no one to use. Seeing this familiar room, my heart slowly returned to the past. I took the initiative to sit on the chair I used to sit on, looking at the third button of my clothes with my eyes.

Sister M poured two cups of tea and handed me one. Said: “Do you still hate me?” Then he said, “You should thank me!”

I said angrily, “Thank you!”

She said, “isn’t it right? You see, now you can go to college. You will go to college as soon as you take the exam. When you go to college, aren’t you free to choose so many smart and beautiful girls? I didn’t give this opportunity? Don’t you thank me?”

She continued, “however, I know you haven’t signed up yet! Why are you so confused!”

I buried my head and didn’t say anything.

She moved her chair to my side and said gently, “didn’t you look forward to the opportunity of being a private teacher before, looking forward to the XINGX and the moon? Now you can go to college. Don’t you want to seize such a good opportunity? You see how lucky you are. If so many of our classmates were not older or married, they would not be qualified. Although there are still a few people who meet the requirements for applying for an examination, how many drops of ink are there in their stomachs? I can’t pass the exam even if I apply for it. You are qualified and have good grades. You can get in the exam as soon as you take the exam. If you don’t want to take the exam, then no one of our classmates can take it. Today, I specially prepared to go to your house to talk to you. You see, I happened to meet you as soon as I went out. What a good omen. If you don’t sign up for the exam, you are not only sorry for yourself, but also sorry for me. Sorry for our classmates, sorry for your parents!”

I raised my head, looked at her and said, “I have passed the exam, and I can’t pass the political examination.”

She said, “I knew your concerns were here. Now the situation has changed! I tell you, I asked Secretary Zhang, who caught culture and education in the commune yesterday. He promised me that as long as your grades were on the line, he would take you as a private teacher in the middle school, cover you with great seal.”

“Really?” I asked her immediately.

“Really!” She patted her chest, shook her fist and said, “Don’t worry, I promise!” Then he put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “Listen to me, I will sign up tomorrow.”

I am still this personality until now, and I only serve two kinds of people in my life. One is the person I admire; The other is the person I like. In the past, whatever sister M said was right or wrong, I would listen to it. In fact, before sister M didn’t come to talk to me, my heart was also contradictory. I was always in a mood of unwilling to do or unwilling to do. Whenever thinking is fighting, I think it would be nice to have sister M around me.

Now Sister M has given me an idea. What am I hesitating about? So I raised my head and said to her, “OK! I will sign up tomorrow.”

Sister M patted her hands and said excitedly, “OK! You will definitely be admitted. I am waiting for your good news.”

The next day, I really went to the commune to sign up. At that time, considering that I like literature, I ‘d better apply for Liberal Arts. However, one week before the exam, the admission ticket issued by the county education bureau was filled in science. The secretary of culture and education of the commune called the Education Bureau for me and asked. The education bureau admitted that it was a mistake, but it could not be changed. I had to temporarily change to science. I think, no matter taking liberal arts or science, there is no time and materials for review. According to my learning situation, my liberal arts and science are of the same level.

On the morning of the exam, I also went to the production team to work and look at the position of the sun. I estimated that the exam time was coming soon, so I walked up from the field, holding several sweet potatoes prepared early, bare feet, eat while walking.

When I arrived at shuikeping Middle School, the bell rang and I went directly into the examination room. The teacher sent out the Chinese test questions. I picked up the test paper and first looked at the composition question. As a result, the composition question was “I have something to say to the party in my heart”. I am secretly happy, this is exactly the lyric prose I am good! Therefore, together with the opening bell, I wrote the composition first. I remember that in the last paragraph of the article, I used six parallel sentences to make my emotions burst out.

The two-day exam went smoothly. After the exam, my mother asked me anxiously, “How did you do in the exam?”

I told my mother calmly, “I should be able to pass the exam.”

The following is a long wait. Nearly a month and a half later, there was news that I was really admitted.

One morning in the early March 1978 AD s, my parents helped me carry my luggage to the water immersion scale to wait for the bus.

That day was the day when I went to college.

Because there is only one bus from dengjiapu to Wugang city in the morning, and it is about half past six to shuikeping station. Because there were many people taking the bus, we went to the side of the road early and waited. The sky was just slightly bright, and it was drizzling. When I stood on the side of the road for less than five minutes, there was a voice from sister M calling my name: “star man!”

I felt very sudden in my heart and immediately replied, “Hey, I am here.”

Sister M looked for my voice and soon came to my front. Happily said: “You are going to college, I will see you off.”

Because my admission notice came very late and I had to leave to report immediately after receiving it, I didn’t tell her. I hurriedly asked her, “How do you know?”

She said, “I don’t know if you don’t tell me? You will come to the ends of the Earth in the future, and I will find you.”

It turned out that she told the master of the post office to watch it for her. As soon as my notice arrived at the Post Office, the master told her.

Then, she asked me with concern whether I had brought everything? Do you have company to go with when you arrive in the city? And told me to pay attention to safety along the way and keep the money and goods.

I answered her one by one.

Silent for a moment, she looked a little sad and said, “Alas, you left, leave me alone……”

I am also a little sad.

At that time, with a sound of steam whistle, the car came. As soon as the car stopped, my mother rushed up to grab a seat for me, and my father turned over and got on the roof to pack my luggage. After Mom grabbed the position, she shouted to me to get on the bus.

At that time, sister M suddenly hugged my head and burst into tears, crying and shouting, “Don’t go, don’t go……” I was also infected immediately, holding her head and crying loudly. It’s like two torrents rushing through the gate colliding together, setting off huge waves. Sister M and I both forgot the people around us and cried sadly from their hearts. The two men’s heads touched together. With the trembling of crying, their shoulders twitched violently. There is a kind of heartbreaking pain in my heart.

People were shocked for a while and looked at us with confused eyes. After a while, the people in the car were impatient to wait and kept urging me to get on the bus. My mother came down and persuaded Sister M to hold my head hand lever. My father pushed me into the car.

As soon as I got on the bus, the driver drove away. In the car, I cried for a long time before I stopped slowly. I looked back from the car window and looked around. Sister M’s figure was already invisible. Only peach blossoms opened by the roadside flew back to the car.


After I arrived at the university, I wrote a letter to Sister M. I didn’t receive her reply. I am can understand her. After all, she has a family and a life of her own. I also know that when she sent me that morning, she cried loudly that there was a flood of emotions interwoven by nostalgia, sadness and regret in her heart that could not be controlled. She didn’t reply to me. I didn’t feel sorry but happy. It shows that her mood has been adjusted and she has embarked on a happy and beautiful life.

Later, I worked in other places after graduation and seldom went home. Even if you go home, you will come and go in a hurry. We haven’t met for decades. I didn’t see her again until March this year.

The beautiful peach blossom we saw when we parted in biwan that day, the peach blossom that opened when we parted decades ago, and the peach blossom moments she saw on the morning when she sent me to college were intertwined and overlapping in my heart.

On a night of fresh wind and bright moon, I filled in a word:

Love of butterfly peach blossom

The flowers in the wild are blooming, and their eyes are full of fragrance. It is difficult to heat my heart. Longitudinal is a gentle pile of snow, reflecting the Cold Moon Qianzhi.

Goodbye peach forest voice want to choke, unforgettable that year, helpless two feelings. Peach blossoms are tears, and the residual fragrance is soaked in today’s words.

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