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Hong Kong love short story C8 (Sun Enli)

Japan. Tokyo.

Mr. Sangyuan, you have visitors! 」

Sitting on the terrace, he heard the sound of surprise from the landlady downstairs.

He stood up and looked out.

Visitors downstairs covered the sunlight with their hands and raised a white face.

Sangyuan could hardly stand. Trembling hands gripped the railing tightly,

The ideological trend flew to the day 29 years ago.


“The boss of the Hong Kong company I worked for recently asked me one thing.

If you want to go, you are the most suitable candidate. 」 Sangyuan’s friend period Ai Ai.

「…… 」

“My boss in Hong Kong didn’t expect to meet his sweetheart until he was 48 years old;

A subordinate of the company now hopes to marry her and have children.

But in his early years of traffic accidents, he could not have the next generation;

So I hope someone can help him give birth to a child.

Money will be completely generous, only for absolute secrecy,

Therefore, he did not hesitate to go to Japan to do this.

Aren’t you always worried about the cost of marriage?

Can you think about this? 」

I promised this because of the huge reward of 10 million yen.

Originally, the budget met a proud future rich lady;

When I saw Ping Qin, sang yuan really stayed for a while.

White face, with a little shame;

However, the wine on his face could not hide the childish naughty.

Ping Qin stayed in Japan for a week,

Work hard with Sangyuan, who has a week off, to carry out that incredible plan.

Sangyuan never thought that life could be so happy.

What she heard every day was the silver bell-like laughter that she kept rising for big things.

Also; Eat, drink, play and have fun wantonly.

He felt that every cell in his body was waking up quietly.

In bed at night, he didn’t feel that he was bought and paid.

He closed his eyes,

Just remind yourself to remember this moment all the time

He kept whispering in Japanese she didn’t understand.

I love you love you.

Before leaving, she held his hand,

Attached to the eyes


“My mother passed away last week; I must give this to you before leaving. 」

He opened it and saw that there was a photo of the two.

On the back is her childish Japanese: I understand: I love you too.

The visitor looked at his face and smiled:

“Is it dad? 」

He lowered his head.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to tell her:

In the space and time she did not know,

He firmly held the love between the two.

He never got married.

The week with her filled the joy of life.

Sun Enli. petit story . C8

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