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Hong Kong love short story C79 (Sun Enli)


Zhiheng stepped out of the office, and his steps were slow.

There is no faction or background; IQ and EQ are very common, but they are matched with a character that does not accept fate.

Repeated setbacks at work, plus strong self-esteem, don’t care, add more uncomfortable points.

This hotel is at the end of the alley next to the office.

A restaurant similar to yourself.

The old shop with inconspicuous food and decoration, accompanied by the boss who did not accept his fate, held the footsteps of every customer with touching hospitality.

Far away, I have seen Simei; My girlfriend who has always felt sorry.

Her relatives and friends even said sarcastically in front of Zhiheng: “Simei should be able to find a better boyfriend.”

She had no spare money to travel with her and could not afford the Chanel bag she had been longing for for for for a long time. Even eating, she could only be a frequent visitor to this restaurant.

“This upgrade, Xiao Liu went up.”

Zhiheng spoke very hard.

Si Mei felt sorry for him: “I know you have been waiting for this position for a long time…..”

Zhiheng’s eyes are also red.

I worked hard day and night, just because I didn’t have Xiao Liu’s background……

When Zhiheng saw the promotion list, he couldn’t stop asking himself: Is there any justice and fairness in the world?

A meal that cannot be eaten.

The working hours are not reached.

The slight cold in spring sets off the warmth outside the sunshine.

They walked along the alley.

A plum blossom beside the road shines the whole ordinary alley.

Simei raised his mobile phone and used the blue sky as the background to photograph the contradictory beauty between the alley and plum blossom.

“Zhiheng: I’m afraid you think this is a comforting speech, so let me tell you first, this is my truth.”

Zhimei’s low voice is matched with the quiet of this curved alley.

Zhiheng listened attentively.

“Since I met you, you have been working hard, hoping that I can have a more proud boyfriend and live a richer life.”

The footsteps of the two returned in the alley.

Simei continues.

I am also eager to wear a famous brand…..

But I know better that no matter how many famous brands are hung on me, the happiness you can bring is far less than the happiness you bring me.

After I worked overtime that day, you said: you would rather work hard on your own than be willing to let me suffer even without the ability to speak…..

I never knew that people who were so tired could still have such full happiness.

Zhiheng: Today, the sky is so blue, the flowers are so beautiful, and you are beside me wholeheartedly, I have no desire.

God can distribute wealth unfairly, but can’t stop because of my gratitude and satisfaction,

Let me and your life be more abundant than it takes for granted.

With you. There is no demand.”

Even if the spring is still cold, because you: full of too much warmth…..

Sun Enli. petit story C79

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