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There was a boy whose parents went to work in a big city. He left alone in his hometown town. He will not associate with friends casually, but as long as he associates with a friend, he will devote himself wholeheartedly and regard each other as his own everything. It is because it is too single-minded, so once you lose each other, you will lose everything. Just because they know each other’s importance, he and she are always inseparable.

Every day after school, the girl went to the boy’s house to do her homework. The sunset in the evening shone on the desk through the window and on their happy smiling faces. After finishing the homework, it was dark, and the boy would send the girl home.

When walking through the shops near the bridge, girls often buy a few stars and fireworks and set off with boys beside the bridge.

The boy asked the girl, “Why do you like fireworks so much?”

“Maybe my life is as beautiful and short as fireworks.” The girl answered sadly.

“How? We will be together for a long time.”

The girl looked at the burning fireworks, “What would you do if I died?”

“If you die, I will die, and we will never be separated.” The boy said firmly.

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Then don’t talk silly.”

The girl wiped away her tears, “How can I abandon you. Even if we are white-haired, I will set off fireworks with you.”

Walking across the bridge, there is a respectable place to hide figure of Buddha. When boys pass by, they often throw coins. The boy prayed sincerely, hoping that the girl’s heart disease would recover soon.

Further, it is a dark path without street lamps. Boys always like to tell ghost stories to girls, such as snow girl, bridge Ji and River child. When a girl listens, she will hold the boy’s arm, which is the real purpose of the boy’s story telling.

The boy lit a star flash fireworks, “Ghosts are afraid of fireworks.” The girl listened and felt relieved. This little fireworks led them through the dark path.

Through the path, I came to the small town park, and the girl’s home was on the other side of the park. Park path is the last road for the boy to send the girl home, and it is also the most warm Road, because on the park path at night, there are pairs of lovers sitting, which is a good place to talk about love. The boy made an excuse that he was tired of walking and took the girl to the bench. At this moment, a child selling flowers came over, “brother, sister, buy a flower.”

The girl bowed her head embarrassed and said, “we don’t want it.”

“This flower-selling child is very poor. Let’s buy one and just help him.” The boy gave the rose to the girl with such an excuse.

“We also send you a flower.” The girl took out the starry fireworks from her pocket and gave them to the flower-selling child. The child ran away happily with shining fireworks.

The boy sent the girl to the door. The girl hid in her schoolbag for fear that her parents saw the rose.

At the end of summer, it was the annual fireworks party in the town. The girl had been looking forward to this day and went to watch fireworks with the boy.

The boy knows that the best place to watch fireworks is to see the hillside of the whole town. But the girl’s heart was not good, and she was panting as soon as she climbed the mountain, so the boy carried the girl to the mountain. But this time she carried her behind her back, she was still out of breath. The boy asked, “it doesn’t matter.” The girl answered decisively, “nothing.”

When approaching the hillside, there was a two-meter-wide cliff with only one wooden board on it. The girl did not dare to pass, afraid that the boy would fall behind her. Even more afraid that after the past, if there were bad people pulling away the boards, they would never go back. The boy advised the girl that there would be no such bad guys unless someone wanted to kill himself on the hillside and throw away the boards to prevent those who wanted to save him from coming. It took the boy a long time to persuade the girl to summon up courage.

With the sound of drumming, the sky becomes colorful, just like the flowers in the sky, and clouds are the soil with roots.

The girl sighed with emotion: “Fireworks dedicate their most beautiful moment to people and then turn it into a puff of smoke. No one will pay attention to this smoke, and people’s sight has already turned to another blooming fireworks. Only Cloud knows the existence of smoke, because smoke will also turn into cloud. If I turned into smoke, would you still love me?”

The boy held the girl’s hand, “I will love it, because if you are smoke, I am the cloud. I am waiting for you in the sky, and we will eventually get together.”

When the fireworks ended, the girl cried and told the boy, “My parents are going to work abroad, and I will go there together. We agreed that ten years later, I will go to your house to find you and come here to watch fireworks. You must wait for me that day.”

Boys and girls were crying when they went down the mountain. The boy walked very slowly. How much the boy hoped that the time would not be fixed and stay forever today.

After the girl left, the boy was depressed every day. Until one day, the boy’s classmate told him, “the girl you love didn’t leave. When I went to the hospital to see a doctor, I saw her in the intensive care unit.”

The boy ran to the hospital with half a grain of salt and came to the intensive care unit. At the moment he opened the door, the boy was shocked. The girl had fallen into a deep coma and the doctor was trying his best to rescue it. The girl’s mother saw the boy and told the truth: The girl suffered from heart failure and knew it was not long. In order to avoid the boy’s martyrdom, she lied that she wanted to go abroad with her parents. The girl felt that ten years later, the boy would forget her and would not suffer because of her death.

The boy cried for a doctor and wanted to save her anyway. The doctor said helplessly, “to save her, there is only a heart transplant, but there are few heart donors, and there are many people waiting in line for the transplant, which is not her at all.” The boy called the doctor out of the intensive care unit and begged him on his knees. Then the boy left the hospital sadly.

Just when the girl’s parents were crying bitterly, the doctor ran in and said, “just now a girl died in a car accident. The body was in the operating room of our hospital. Her family knew that there was a need, so she appointed to donate it to you.”

The girl was born again. After recovery, he returned home and saw the letter the boy wrote to her stuffed in the crack of the door: the boy felt desperate and decided to leave this sad place, but the boy promised to abide by the girl’s agreement, ten years later, I met at the boy’s house and went to watch fireworks together. After reading the letter, the girl was so sad that she didn’t expect the lie that she had once lied and pissed off the boy.

Ten years later, girls have already had boyfriends, and girls think boys must have found girls they like. According to the agreement, the girl came to the boy’s house. At the moment she opened the door, the girl was shocked. There was a hall in the house. Dust had accumulated on the table for ten years, and there was a letter ten years ago: “In order to avoid your pain, I asked the doctor to lie that a girl donated her heart to you. I think ten years later, you will forget me and will not suffer because of my death. In fact, we are not separated. Take my heart and go up the mountain together to watch fireworks.”

It was getting dark gradually, and the girl decided to go up the mountain alone to watch fireworks, but the girl’s boyfriend was worried and insisted on accompanying her. When approaching the hillside, there was a two-meter-wide cliff with only one wooden board on it. The girl rushed past and looked at her boyfriend on the other side. The girl picked up the board and threw down the cliff. The fireworks that night were very beautiful. When the fireworks came to an end, the smoke and clouds had already integrated together.

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