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The girl I called was met in Xi’an six years ago. She was very sensible and gentle.

After six o’clock in the morning, I just slept for a short time. I was woken up by my friend’s phone call, which also reminded me of some memories of the past.


Ten years ago, I had a crush on a girl, and I had a crush on a girl. The girl is a Tian Shui man, very beautiful. Her eyes are as clear as precious stones as the West Lake. She blinked and sucked in Starlight and clouds, but what she spit out was the distance between Zhimo’s poems and Haizi, as I said in my autobiography, “like peach and plum, beautiful and refined, quiet like flowers shining water, god is graceful and graceful”.

In the past days, my friends introduced me to get along with many girls, but unfortunately I died early. Everyone said that my standard was too high. I smiled in my heart, it is really too high, from the beginning of “find a girl with big eyes” to “find a girl with Tianshui”, to “find a girl with women”. With the shifting of years, I feel that I will not love again.

I don’t know why, I think of her whenever I want to write something. Just like, maybe you have been away from someone for a long time, but one day, you suddenly find that you still keep some of her habits.


This morning, a female friend of mine called me and asked me why she didn’t reply to her information? I said, maybe it’s because I’m busy. Last night, I received her message and asked me, what is the memorial? I didn’t want to talk, so I didn’t reply to her. I didn’t expect that the early morning was just for this shit. My friend said again, seeing the dynamic I sent, I felt that I had something on my mind, and the avatar was changed and the nickname was changed. That was not my style. I said, suddenly I wanted to change my style to be breathable. I don’t know why. Last night, I changed my avatar and nickname. Maybe it was really for ventilation.

The girl I called was met in Xi’an six years ago. She was very sensible and gentle.

In 2012, the half year I spent with her in xi’an was also my crazy half year. I felt that happiness was not far away from me. I skipped classes and climbed over the wall more than once, which was record-breaking for me. Later, I returned to Ningxia and kept in touch with her as a lover. However, we all knew that it was impossible because she didn’t want to marry to the north, and I will not leave the North. We often share each other’s blind date experiences and exotic experiences, and also advise each other to marry themselves out early.

She once asked me to visit her several times when I was on vacation, and also said that she wanted to come to me by the army. I said, forget it. Last year, I told her that I was going to get married and get the certificate the next day. At that time, she was studying yoga in Xi’an. She bought a train ticket and said she would come to me in Tianshui. Fortunately, she persuaded her in time. During the Chinese new year, she told me that she got married after the new year and sent me her wedding photo. The gentleman looked very handsome, but it didn’t match her very well. I asked her, why did you get married in such a hurry? She said that she didn’t want to fall behind me.

Half a year ago, I received her message that she quit her job and went to Guangxi. Only later did she know that she was divorced. She said that the two of them had nothing to say together, and they didn’t even have a fight. I joked, fortunately, my wife and I often quarreled.

She kept asking me why she couldn’t bear a train ticket?

I hung up the phone and forced myself to sleep, but without any drowsiness, how could I sleep. My thoughts were banging in my mind at a high speed, so I sat up and simply wrote it out.


A few days ago, he quarreled with his wife and is still in the cold war.

After every quarrel with his wife, he always cannot leave the cold war, and then he makes peace again. The quarrel was not uncomfortable. What was uncomfortable was the cold war and missing after the quarrel. If I knew it was so uncomfortable, I would not quarrel with her.

Quarrel is actually a kind of rest, a kind of emotional rest, let everyone calm down, and then find that she still cannot be without her.

In 2016, I met my wife after being introduced by a friend. She was like a song of water, crisp, loud and soft, as charming as loquacious glide and as comfortable as haiping calm. At the end of the year, I took a few days off to meet her in tianshui. It was already evening when I met her. My wife’s cheerful personality was exactly the same as that on the phone. She was generous and had no affectation at all, her cheerful and lively just complement me. After a simple meal, I went back to the hotel. At night, I was thinking about how to send her a message. Instead, she asked me first and asked me how I felt after meeting. I said, I feel very good, such as xiaojia jasper, fresh and refined. I didn’t ask her how she felt about me, because I am not confident until I met my wife. The next day, I left tianshui. She asked for leave to send me in the morning, which was like a gift from heaven, which made me feel both surprised and tender. Just as mr. lu xun wrote to xu guangping, “when I thought of love before, I was always ashamed at once, afraid of being unworthy, so I dare not love someone, but I saw the inside story of their words and deeds clearly, it makes me confident that I must not be demoted to such a person by myself. I can love.”

I get along well with my wife, maybe her character influenced me, and she also got along with her nonsense. Two years later, we got married.

His wife’s life is very simple. In this era of material desires, she is like a pure land hidden behind buddha, spotless. The wife doesn’t wear makeup, because ugly people need makeup. This is exactly what I like, like zhimo’s letter to xiaoman, “I love you plain, not your luxury. You put on a blue cloth robe, there is a special brilliance between your eyes, and I feel inexplicable joy in my heart.”

Like most families, the life after marriage is very dull. Of course, there are more things to consider and money is tight. I remember that I was just married for more than a week, and the unit called me back. The night before, I quarreled with my wife. Finally, my wife cried and asked me, what did I give her when I got married? My heart was like a needle, and I suddenly realized how humble I am married my wife. My heart was very painful and I felt distressed for the first time in my life. My wife is not a material person, but the angry words make me calm for a long time.

The lights were off, and the two were lying on the bed without talking. They quietly recalled their wife’s hard work, and their eyes were moist quietly. Because of work, before and after marriage, everything was taken care of by her wife alone. She went to work during the day, and after work, she rushed around to buy wedding supplies. One person couldn’t buy too much at a time, just like swallow nest, like ant moving, I bought a little more a day and a little more a day. Even the wedding ring was bought by my wife. I didn’t rush back to my hometown from sichuan until five days before I got married. My wife didn’t complain, jokingly, if I can’t go back, she will hold only chante clair knot.

A few days ago, in a video with my mother, my mother said that the pig at home was ill and did not eat. I haven’t raised pigs in my family for many years. My mother learned that I planned to change jobs and just got married next year. My wife also liked to eat ribs, so she bought a small pig to raise, thinking about killing at the end of the year, I advised my mother not to worry. The weather was too cold, maybe it was a cold, and it would be fine after two injections in a few days. I asked my mother if the stove had been born. My mother said that the price of coal this year doubled compared with previous years and planned to regenerate next month. I also advised my mother to make a stove to keep warm early. After all, there is a lot of rain this year and the weather is very cold. My mother said, it doesn’t matter, the Kang is very hot.

Hanging up the video of my mother, my heart is very sour.

These days, my work is relatively idle. I made a courseware for my wife. After sending it to her, I quarreled because of a small matter in the video. Finally, my wife sent a message saying, why don’t we forget each other. It’s been a week, even on my wife’s birthday, I was ignored. Several times I tried to apologize to my wife, but they all gave up halfway.

Well, let’s not talk about it. We have to plan for the evening.

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