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Hong Kong love short story C92 (Sun Enli)

The forensic doctor Lin Xiuzhi arrived at the blocked scene.

Yu Zhihui, a former college classmate, is still chatting with a group of people.

The deceased’s wife was sitting in a wheelchair in tears.

The trembling hand is a towel used by one side to wash his face.

“My father…..”

Yu Zhihui can’t go on.

The deceased was Zhihui’s father who had suffered a stroke for many years and had been in bed and could not move.

With only one glance, Xiu Zhi has guessed the possibility of dying of suffocation.

Turning her head, she saw the towel on Zhihui’s mother’s hand…..

The wet piece in the middle of the towel brings out doubts that cannot be ignored?

Xiu Zhi tried to take a towel with his gloves.

“No. This is my towel…..”

Zhihui’s mother grasped the towel with one hand and kept repeating this sentence.

Seeing Mother’s incoherent Chi-hui, she rushed forward and grabbed the towel:

No! It’s me. I saw my father’s mouth water kept flowing, and put this towel on his mouth.”

Zhihui held his head and felt regretful. “I didn’t expect the towel to be too close to his nose and mouth,

He turned his head and the towel sealed his breath;

Although mother was beside the bed, she happened to sleep… “He was full of tears.

* * * * * * * *

Three months later.

The investigation confirmed that he died of an accident.

* * * * * * * *

Xiuzhi’s first solo date with Zhihui.

“Your mother loves you very much!”

Xiu Zhi said bluntly.

Zhihui is not convinced.

Mother is a conservative old-fashioned person, even for her son, she is always faint.

“I approached your mother and found that her wheelchair was locked. The distance between the wheelchair and the bed,

She should not be able to get the towel that suffocated your father.”

Xiu Zhi began to walk into Zhihui’s mother’s closed heart.

“It can be imagined that when you remove the towel and find your father dead;

She was afraid that you would be involved. She took the towel to her own hands in a hurry and took everything for you.”

Zhihui was stunned.

“Not only that. She also loves your father very much. Since I entered the room,

Her eyes never left your father’s face. I seldom see such a deep eye.”

Zhihui bowed his head and felt.

Mother’s love is also hidden too deep.

After a while.

Zhihui suddenly remembered, “Do you understand me?”

Xiu Zhi smiled and said, “you, who rob towels with your mother, certainly love her.”

“I didn’t mean that!”

Zhihui began to work.

“I am refers to us.”

“Forensic medicine and family members of the deceased, what do we have?”

Ah! What about Lin Xiuzhi, who often inquired whether I would attend and then decided not to attend the party?”

Xiu Zhi opened a big mouth.

It turns out that both mother and son are characters with deep feelings.

“Then what should we be?”

“Is willing to open the relationship between body and mind for you to check at will!”

Don’t forget I am forensic doctor!”

She endured laughing.

Hot summer.

Love that can’t be hidden any more.

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