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Hong Kong love short story C110 (Sun Enli)

When Hui Hui smiled, his eyes were still so innocent.

Jie Xian nodded.

“Thank you for telling me.”

She said, “Hao and I have to start…..”

He thanked her for not making some cute act,

Keep him around,

In vain, he was doing the spare tire of being arbitrarily instructed.

He also thanked himself for his closed mouth…..

Even if I have already heard the famous wheel turn of Hao,

One girlfriend after another.

Hao de: the appearance and funny conversation of the sports master.

This shell is excellent bait,

She, she, and she, who kept catching and playing, passed by when they were bored.

Jie Xian has seen these wonderful ex-girlfriends who have paid their sincerity.

I just didn’t expect that Huihui would be one of them…..

“Life is very short. Listen to your heart, even if there is a mistake, there is no regret.”

Hui Hui is the love of Jie Xian.

I couldn’t say no, let alone hurt her, so I had to reluctantly send this sentence that made her relieved.

* * * * * * * *

Love can indeed change.

But if you feel that because of love,

It is bound to extend this change to the future, and it is also necessary to leave it in innocence.

Not as expected by Jie Xian, there is only one autumn and winter between Hao De and Hui Hui.

For hao de, it is serious…..

There is no butterfly that only stays on a flower.

* * * * * * * *

Jie Xian saw the other side of Hui Hui.

Dark circles, polite and absent smiles.

The time when she was humble and waiting to be abandoned passed…..

Jie Xian thought she would think of herself.


Even if she drowned, she did not pick up the life buoy that was already in the past.

Jie Xian, who can’t wait, try knocking at the door with a text message.

Huihui’s generous agreement;

They used to be very routine cinemas and then buffet.

“Start again?”

He said very hard.

She looked at Jie Xian.

He was such a regretful step for her,

I gave up the steadfast sincerity of Jie Xian for the fake of being brilliant.


Love is not enough!

She lowered her head.

Smile with nothing to say.

* * * * * * * *

Both have a new beginning.


Shangri-La four-person band in the lobby of the hotel.

Such a coincidence.

Jie Xian and the other half.

Huihui and the other half.

The violin plays a graceful gesture.

In this cold winter, Jie Xian understood himself helplessly.

Fall in love with Hui Hui who has never been able to put down.

Shuttle piano;

Huihui was also awakened.

Her heart: unable to extricate herself from drifting to Jie Xian;

He cut a short hair, which made him more handsome.

Both of them have another him and her in front of them.

Hui Hui finally couldn’t help it.

Her text message: “Wait for me?”

Seeing these two words, Jie Xian only felt that his eyes were hot.

He looked at her in the distance.

He nodded gently.

It is the cold early winter.


You can face the moment of your heart.


Life is very short…..

Life Sun Enli. petit story C110

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