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Heart with spirit


Because I learned and was good at observing and observing things, I realized that I clearly knew the Emperor I liked and the routine of daily life from the casual chatting with him and the words I liked!

I don’t know: this kind of behavior habit of speculating on others’ thoughts is smart, or a gentleman who has been caring for a long time, who loves too sincerely and is too obsessed!

If Yang Xiu is smart and extremely smart, he will end up with this; But I know-how can he be cao cao?

The reason why I am so stupid is that love has to be done. It is a wisp of love entanglement,

Let yourself be silly and do things, too attentive and too focused!

What is habit?

My understanding of habits-that is, simple and even monotonous things, I will never tire of doing them again and again!

Perhaps it is due to the habit developed over the years. Always used to, open the eyes of the sleeping eyes, the first time, send to the most beloved gentleman-the most concise and sincere greetings, and hope in, hurry up at the most desired King, and haven’t woke up from the sweet dream.

I don’t know: What is the feeling of the beloved king, even just a few words of greeting? Is it to see the information, others smile imperceptibly; Or to wake up from the sweet dream, has been common words only words, disdain?

But my favorite gentleman is used to noncommittal!

Although you can’t see the peach blossom on both cheeks of your favorite gentleman, you don’t feel your favorite gentleman and lock your forehead tightly!

I guess: the favorite gentleman will default, at least there is no resentment, no disgust!

I don’t know: Is it because I was too fond of playing last night or the gentleman who went to bed early last night woke up earlier than usual?

I have known each other for so long. It is the first time for the first time. The first message sent in the morning has a reply in seconds!

However, this reply completely shocked me!

What I asked was not what I answered, which made me look like a child who did something wrong and ashamed!

It’s three o’clock in the morning, you still don’t sleep! What did you send me?

Since the message has been sent, why did you choose to withdraw it?

Men should be men. I don’t ask you to fight for the world, but if you have something in your heart, be brave and speak out!

I can understand that you are afraid of disturbing my sleep and forgetting the time, but why didn’t you guess: I have insomnia for the first time in my life tonight; I am also thinking about it, should I disturb you, who always swear, and accompany me through the cold and sleepless night!

You are so good that I have the excitement of appreciation. I immediately withdraw reinforcements and let me completely fall down like a dozen layers of hell!

If I remember correctly, at this moment, my favorite gentleman must still be sleeping soundly. But lose to one in everything-not afraid of ten thousand, just be afraid of what if!

Who can guess today I hit the muzzle!

Just play! The playful self, because of a wisp of love, can’t stand it, and a wisp of lovesickness, throws out the football of lovesickness!


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