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Hong Kong love short story C28 (Sun Enli)

She. Emily. 25 years old.

Big City. Ordinary people.

Boyfriend? No.

Sweetheart? Yes.

A vague shadow that is often missed but never seen.

However. To find him in this big city,

It’s a little slim!

* * * * *

Emily is a believer MUJI.

I like the simple design of this brand.

After the non-printed men’s clothing department,

She always remembered the vague shadow:

He should like the simplicity of this brand as much as I do!

Ah! No. Or he is more particular;

He is a supporter of senior MUJI MUJI Labo!

* * * *

Weekend. Afternoon tea under magnificent ceiling in the lobby of Peninsula Hotel.

The strings drifted gently.

She remembered him again:

Yogueta is here… it should be the same as me,

Moved by the lingering sound of the violin.

With a turn, Emily’s girlfriends have gone to the lobby.

Watch at store Cartier.

She smiled.

They all disdain to call her together.

Already an adult! Emily was still so young,

Wear a Mickey Mouse watch.

* * *

He. Eric. 27 years old. Another ordinary person.

The wardrobe is full of MUJI Labo from shirt to coat.

London Philharmonic Orchestra fan.

* * * *

Every morning.

Emily starts from home to subway station at half past eight.

Eric, who was snooze, also rushed out of the house at 08:30.

The two lived in the adjacent building and walked to the subway station at the same time in the morning.

However, two people who have been expected by the other side,

You can only pass by every day.

* * *

He moved into the next building.

After moving, use computer Wifi (wireless broadband) for the first time.

Incredibly, two networks with the same name appeared:

I am looking for you (I am looking for you).

Such a coincidence!

There are only two units in this direction, and the other person should be a guest on the fourth floor.

* * * *

The next morning.

The elevator stops on the fourth floor. She walked in.

The body is a classic wide skirt of MUJI,

Mickey Mouse watch in hand is turning…..

The elevator moves down.

The music of his favorite Symphony Orchestra came from her headphones.

He doesn’t believe that there is really a person in his heart who exists in the vast sea of people…

* * *

Facing the elevator door, his voice came behind her:

“I like MUJI. In the Symphony Orchestra,

I like London Philharmonic Orchestra best.

I also have three Mickey Mouse watches.”

She turned around and stared at her eyes.

She didn’t get rid of the hazy sleepiness of getting up early, and didn’t understand what he was talking about at all.

He couldn’t help laughing.

My Wifi name is I am looking for you, you are also this name!”

See his body MUJI Labo,

CD of London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and Mickey Mouse watch on wrist…..

She understood.

She smiled, “you are really hard to find!”

He nodded.

But. Fortunately. I can still find you.

Looking for you, Sun Enli. petit story . C28


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