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Hong Kong love short story C11 (Sun Enli)

Why did he pay attention to her? I believe he didn’t even know.

Dezhi is the three-dimensional explanation of all living beings.

At a station in the crowd, it seems to be painted with protective color;

I can’t find an adjective to describe him.

But of course, don’t describe the morality in work;

He is in charge of the company’s computer security. He is the safety net of all computer systems.

The first time I noticed her was when the computer of the engineering department was completely paralyzed,

Everyone is jumping,

She brought out a cup of coffee for Dezhi. Smile and walk away.

He pretended not to care about talking to people about engineering staff;

Then she knew her name: Wanyi.

Know all her information;

Dezhi can collect all of her personnel files by making a transfer.

However, there will be no information about whether she has a boyfriend.

It was not easy to find out that she was unmarried only by talking with the head of the engineering department about the data arrangement of her colleague’s overtime work.

However, do you have a boyfriend?

Once I summoned up the courage to ask the IT contact of the engineering department,

Does Wanyi have a boyfriend?

The unexpected appearance of the other party is still vivid in my eyes;

With a little hesitation, I said no.

As soon as he saw her coming in the elevator that day, he had intuitively turned his head in one direction;

Then he heard her say, “My computer will stop every time I enter the Word file.”

The whole engineering department thought something big happened, and the head of the computer department came to the scene in person;

Then he taught her to use Word.

In order to know more about her, he felt that he no longer knew himself.

At noon, I specially asked other colleagues to wait at the door, and then went to the same restaurant with her for lunch;

Of course, it is at different tables.

If you have something to do, you can use the system security as the name to discuss with the Engineering Department how to back up the computer…

On this day, he saw her walk in alone in the elevator, and his legs had begun to soften.

She stood beside him.

“My name is Wanyi. 27. Unmarried. I like watching comedies.

My favorite color is green. When can I have lunch together.”

Before. He kept asking about her and became a laughing stock.

At lunch, if he hadn’t stood at the door, she would also turn back and go to the bathroom again,

Until he appeared, he became a laughing stock.

His/her first lunch-the same restaurant, the same table.

“I am in the eyes/mouth of others, just the person who humbly waist folding for the five-dipper.

Please give me a chance; I am willing to let you know a three-dimensional true self faithfully.”

She confessed.

He was surprised.

Tell me: password of your computer… “Dezhi joked.

She smiled. My password is takchi (* Dezhi English pinyin).”

Sun Enli. petit story . C11


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